KA0KYZ in EN33 Will Be On 144.230 @ 0100Z Tonight

   We now have another option for tonight.   If you’re SW, W or NW of WI, then you have KA0KYZ at 0100Z on 144.230.   Terry will be calling CQ to his S, SW, W, NW and N, to reach stations that I probably cannot from EN63.  

    ***Please remember that WB0OAJ will be operating from DN86 (yes, DN86) tonight, with a long yagi and 1500 watts.   K0HL may end up going out too, like he did 3 weeks ago.   If I get more concrete info, I’ll update here.    EDIT — 11:15am.   Sounds like WD0T in DN84 (Pierre, SD) will also be on tonight, starting around 0100Z.   He’s got plenty of antenna and smoke, too.   DOUBLE-EDIT — K0HL will be going out, activating DN96, starting as early as 0015Z. ***
    Those of you who are SW, W and NW of EN63, know that I will be looking your way on 144.240, starting with the SW areas (talking MO/IA/KS/NE) probably about 0140-0200Z.   It all depends on how busy I am in MI, OH, IN, WI and IL.

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