Good Effort with the N MN into WI Mini-QSO Party Last Night

    K0AWU in EN37 and I have been talking and emailing the past two weeks.   We wanted to setup a night where guys in N MN (and nearby) looked SE toward WI and WI guys looked NW toward them.   Ended up that last night (Wed.) was the night.   From about 8-10pm, they gathered from about 144.195-144.180 and guys on both sides called CQ and got a variety of contacts in their logs.  
    This was not a net, nor was any one station the single area of focus.   We set it up by emailing several dozen guys on both sides of the equation.   I couldn’t play because of my bad headache, but that didn’t concern me too much because I have a tough path to EN37 anyway.   My goal was to get guys to look around and see what they could do for themselves.   It worked out well — from what I’ve seen in the chat archives and via a few emails.   We de-emphasized the Twin Cities guys because they would have been in the middle and we wanted a shot at the longer paths way up north.   Another time, we’d enjoy including the rest of MN.  

    If you’re having trouble finding enough activity in your area, consider doing something like this.   Setup an evening or weekend morning where guys in your region look specifically toward another region.   Do email coordination ahead of time so guys on both sides will know to get on.   No point in doing something like this if it’s the same 3-4 guys you always can work.  

    We may have some other times where WI guys look east toward MI, or west toward IA, south toward IL, etc.   Many directions this could be done.   If you’re out-of-state and reading this, contact me if you’re interested.   Expect to put an hour or two into emailing and promoting with your guys.   You know I’ll do the same.

One Response to “Good Effort with the N MN into WI Mini-QSO Party Last Night”

  1. Dave Says:

    Conditions were not good Wednesday. Only had 3 Q’s , but that
    actually is more than a typical Wednesday. Some conspicuous absences and some plain misses, ie aiming wrong place at the wrong time. All in all fun never the less.
    Here’s little local fun we are planning readers may be interested in:
    (comments welcome)

    73 and hope to hear you on VHF+++,

    Dave, WV9E