144.230 (EN33), 144.240 (EN54) and 144.250 (EM89) Long-Range Nets *ON* Wed. Night

   I will again refer you to an Oct. 5th post.   Everything’s the same as last Wed — most of the eastern 1/2 of USA is within range of one or more nets on Wed. night.   (Remember that there are SWOT nets out of EL99 Daytona Beach and EM12 Dallas area on Wed. night, also.   Both are on 144.250)  

   If you take 2 minutes to read the Oct 5th post, you’ll have a clear idea of what we’re trying to accomplish.   We’re  making Wednesday a “can’t-miss” night for 2m SSB.    Get on the air and get involved.   Enjoy the benefits.  

   Remember that the 144.230 and 144.240 nets now start at 0000Z or 7pm central/8pm eastern.   This is in effect until next spring.   K8TQK is on 144.250 from 0030-0115Z.   Everyone’s specific schedules and directions are at that Oct 5th post.

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