6 Check-ins to 146.430 FM Simplex Net Tonight

   Tonight with the FM net, we heard from:   KC9SXO in Thiensville, N9LAD in Oak Creek, KM4G in Germantown, WD9ITJ in Sussex, WB9TFH in West Allis and KB9VUP Brownsville, Fond du Lac Co.    We also had a very light signal who tried hard to check-in, but we just couldn’t dig him out.   Hope he gets in contact because we can swing a 10 el vertical beam his way another time.   (I did call for him to the E, the N and the W, and that didn’t help)  
   That tip applies to anyone — if you’re 70, 100, 150 miles away and would like to try some DX’ing, by all means, email me prior to the net and I’ll know to look for you.    Love to push the propagation limits and our check-ins understand that.

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