6 Meter Sprint is Sat. Oct 30th, 2300-0300Z

   The Fall Sprints wrap up with the 6m sprint on the evening of Sat. Oct 30th.   Here’s the full QST:   http://www.svhfs.org/2010fallsprintrules.pdf     Next to the 144 sprint which was some weeks back, this one will have the most activity.   Get on 6m with whatever you have and make contacts.   Typically, 80-90% of guys use horizontally polarized antennas.   The call freq. is 50.125, but don’t stay locked there.   Tune *UP* from 50.125, up to say about 50.150 or 50.180 if it gets busy.    You want to avoid 50.110-50.125 unless you hear non-USA DX.   50.110-.125 is the DX window and we keep it free of USA/USA activity so the DX can be heard — it’s a gentleman’s agreement.   Some guys don’t know any better, but now you do.   🙂
    You also have a CW subband on 6m from 50.080-50.110.   Plenty of activity there in an opening or contest — try it out.    Below 50.080 is the beacon band, and that’s fun to tune into.   50.060-50.080 is USA beacons, and below 50.060 are DX beacons.   Here’s a good beacon list for 6m:   http://www.keele.ac.uk/depts/por/50.htm   A good beacon list for 144 MHz and higher bands is at:   http://www.newsvhf.com/beacons2.html  

    In October, it would be a pretty big surprise to have a sporadic E skip opening (they are common in summer), but one never knows…  If you’re new to 6m, know that the groundwave range with good antennas up high is about 70-90% of a well-equipped 144 station.   But when that sporadic Es kicks in, that’s when you suddenly hear guys from TX, FL, CO, NY, lord only knows.   That’s why guys are so passionate about 6m, and that’s why they call it the Magic Band.   If you do nothing else, get yourself set up for 6m by next April into May.   That’s when the fun really begins.   (Actually, there’s usually some days with E skip in Dec. and Jan. too.)  

    If you are FM-only on 6m, then you want to operate around 52.525.    That will come alive sometimes, especially during skip season.   But if you want the maximum fun (or Magic!) out of 6m, get on SSB, and get ready for E skip season.

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