9 Check-ins Tonight to 146.430 FM Net

   It was nice to have an active net tonight.   Thanks guys for checking in.   We heard from several fellows in south-central WI, which perked things up.   Also had a light copy check-in from KC9KOP Shawn who was hilltopping in the mobile out in Richland Co.  
   Tonight we heard from KM4G Germantown, WB9TFH West Allis, N9IDX (relayed by WB9TFH) in Franklin, WD9ITJ Sussex, K0VSC and KC9FNM in Sun Prairie, KC9KOP Richland Co., KC9AOV Edgerton and N9TRY in Portage.  
   K0VSC and KC9FNM had a booming signal from just NE of Madison.   They had access to a vertical up 165′.   Good to hear from Tony and Rich.   KC9KOP was rough copy, but the conditions were poor.   Cold west winds are never helpful for prop.  

    GUYS (gals?) DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE 6M FALL SPRINT THIS SATURDAY EVENING, FROM 6-10PM CENTRAL TIME.   More info about that, including helpful hints is down this main page.   Just scroll down a ways.

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