K8TQK EM89 is ON 144.250 Tonight, 0030Z Start

    Please look toward Southern OH and K8TQK for 2m SSB activity tonight.    K8TQK will be starting up the 2nd month of his net activity, helping us spread the RF toward areas we can’t reach from MN and WI.   **K8TQK is capable of working stations in E MI, OH, southern VE-3, NY, PA, VA, W VA, MD, DE, NJ, NC, SC, GA, AL, KY, TN and southern portions of IN and ILL.**   We hope that anyone reading this from those areas will help out 2m activity by spreading the word.    I don’t have good “email propagation” into those areas, so I rely on others to get the word out.   Any questions or comments, email me. 

    Both KA0KYZ and WB9LYH have emailed me to say they’re being pounded by high winds, with no let up in sight.  As such, they won’t be calling their 144.230 and 144.240 nets tonight.    Of course, anyone else is free to call CQ and pick up the slack.   The whole reason we do these nets is to increase overall activity on VHF.  

    If you’ve not yet used on4kst.com chat, you should.   Especially on Wed. nights, when we get decent participation.   Get registered and then choose the IARU Region 2 Room  for 144/432 MHz.

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