K8TQK in EM89 on 144.250 had 6 Check-ins Wed. Night

    Forgot to include K8TQK’s net report from that windy Wednesday night.   With his QTH in Southern OH, he was able to operate, no problem.   KA0KYZ EN33 (144.230) and WB9LYH EN54 (144.240) were both off due to the high winds.  
    Here’s who K8TQK worked:
N8YOH/M  EN80, K8GDT EN91, KI8CA EM89, KD8DJE EM89, W8WG EM89 and K4EQH in EM54
    That is quite a path to far NW Alabama with K4EQH.   Hope that everyone within 300-500 miles of K8TQK becomes aware of this new net option on Wed. nights.  
    NEXT WEDNESDAY K8TQK IN EM89 WILL BE LOOKING A FULL 360 FROM SOUTHERN OHIO, STARTING AT 0030Z.   He’ll start out looking N, then NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, and NW.    Help us spread the word please.  
    Next Wed. the weather looks great so KA0KYZ will be on 144.230 from EN33 SE MN, starting at 0000Z.   I will also be on 144.240 (WB9LYH is unavailable), starting at 0000Z.   I look N, then E, then S, then W.   Our start times are designed so there’s no overlap with the other net controls.    
    Remember we encourage all our check-ins (or anyone who loves 2m SSB/CW) to go and call their own CQ’s after net control has passed them by.   Do this on 144.220 and lower.   When 3 net controls get things stirred up, it’s a good thing.   When several dozen guys in multiple states are on, calling CQ in different directions, then you have a great thing.

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