Why Should I Use the ON4KST Chat Page for 144/432 MHz?

    If you visit this website, you are probably interested in improving VHF/UHF activity levels.   There are not enough signals on the band, outside of contests and major band openings.   I’ve yet to run into a weak-signal op who thinks the bands are too busy.  

   One tool that can help improve activity is the real-time, friendly chat at www.on4kst.com.    This chat is free and available anytime for all USA/VE/XE ops.   The ON4KST chat for 6m has been a big hit for years now.   Try the IARU Region 2 Room for 144/432 MHz anytime, but especially on Wed. nights.   That’s when it really comes alive.   The hope is that in time, that room will be busy most evenings and weekends.   It’s very odd that over 1600 hams have registered for the chat, but most days, less than 40 actually log in.  

    The 144 Prop Logger at  http://dxworld.com/144prop.html has been around for years and I’m grateful to whomever has taken the time and energy to maintain it.   But most nights and weekends it has little activity.   I’ve thought for years there has to be a better mousetrap.   Now as of March 2010, we have another option.  Why is ON4KST.com chat an improvement?  
   1)  There’s no prohibition on general, friendly chat.
   2)  When you check into the on4kst.com chat, you see a “roster” of all hams in the room, including call signs and grid squares.   So you have the ability to scan down the list and say, “Hey, Mr. AB9XYZ in ENXX, would you like to try making a contact?”  
   3)  Of course, you can also post your contacts, so others will know who’s working what.  
   4)  You can talk about your station, or your grid counts, etc, etc.   You can do this with guys in other parts of the country that you won’t work unless there’s a major opening.

    I could think of more benefits, but #1 and #2 are the biggest attractions for me.  

    Let’s have a push for more activity on the ON4KST.com chat for 144/432 MHz in IARU Region 2.   Invite your buddies, and start participating when you have an hour or two to play radio.   If we had 50-100 guys in that room most evenings or weekends, 2m activity would blossom.

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