222 Tuesday is ON Every Tuesday + SW Lower MI 6m and 2m activity every Tuesday

    Several posts down this page, I outlined the Sunday night and Monday night activity you can hear every week.   Now let’s get to Tuesday.   First off, you have activity from Kalamazoo MI area, EN72, SW Lower MI.   

You can also look up K8BKB’s QRZ.com page for this info.  

Other Tuesday evening VHF nets:   (Again, this is EN72, SW Lower MI) 
TUE 7:00 PM Eastern–144.222Mhz– AM
TUE 7:30 PM Eastern–144.222 Mhz–SSB
TUE 9PM Eastern–50.3 Mhz–West MI Six Meter SSB net
TUE 9:30PM Eastern–50.4 mhz–West MI Six Meter AM Net
Net times may vary…

Now, about 222 Tuesday.   It’s the USA/VE activity night on the 1.25m band.   No net control, no single area of focus.   Get on about 7-8pm, call CQ, swing the beams, see who’s out there.    Spread the word to all parts of the country, and make use of the wonderful 222 MHz band.     
This first link is basic 222 Tuesday info http://kc9bqa.com/?p=2523
 The 2nd link goes into the history of 222 Tuesday — how it got started, etc.   http://kc9bqa.com/?p=2423

  If you’re thinking, “Where’s KC9BQA and his 222?” I don’t blame you.   2 problems — 1) I’m frequently unavailable on Tuesday nights  2)  my 222 and 432 rotor has been frozen for some weeks.   Like I’ve said before, if I’m on for 222 Tuesday then you will find me in the on4kst.com VHF/UHF chat.   Use the IARU Region 2 room for 144-432 MHz.

   I got email from K8TQK last week and Bob said there were at least 7-8 ops on last Tuesday from the MI, OH, KY, TN and VA region.   That was great to hear.   If your area has 222 activity, send a comment to the website or email me.

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