Wed. Long-Range 2m Net Options for Dec. 1st

  I talked with WB9LYH and he’s unavailable Wed. night so I will take the 144.240 net, starting at 0100Z or 7pm central time.   I start out looking NE, and go clockwise a full 360 from there.  
  We’ll also have KA0KYZ from EN33 on 144.230, starting at 0045Z.   Terry starts out looking east, for activity from MI, IN and OH, and then goes clockwise a full 360.  
   Plus we have K8TQK from EM89 on 144.250, starting at 0130Z.   Bob starts out looking north, and then goes clockwise a full 360 from there.  
    Feel free to try for any or all of the nets.   We stagger the start times and directions we point in so that you have multiple options.  
    We had our best net night ever last Wednesday, 71 total check-ins.   Scroll down this page for more detail.   
    The goal is to have widespread 2m activity across much of the eastern half of the USA and VE-3land.   Of course, we also encourage all 2m ops to go below 144.230 and call CQ on their own, to keep spreading the activity across the band.
    Finally, we will be in the real-time VHF chat room.   This is free, friendly, and becoming more popular.  You want the “IARU Region 2 Chat for 144/432 MHz”.   7 simple steps to get signed up are at:

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