6m Has Been Opening up Lately. PA is Hearing 95.5MHz FM out of TX This Morning

    9:55am Monday —  If you have a 6m antenna that isn’t broken (lost mine in the blizzard 2 weekends ago), then you want to pay attention.   I know I’ve seen email about little openings during the past week, and now this morning, I saw an FM broadcast band DX’er in Pennsylvania talk about receiving 95.5MHz out of Austin, TX, on a 1436 mile path.   That’s a pretty healthy MUF (maximum usable frequency).  
    If this is like a typical summertime day of sporadic E skip on 6m, the morning opening should grow more widespread, perhaps have an afternoon lull and then re-intensify toward mid-late afternoon, into the evening.  
    In short, be aware of potential on 6.   This is the time of year where we get the secondary, smaller pop of E skip.

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