144.250 and 432.100 SSB Activity Every Monday

   N0PB’s long-range SWOT net (www.swotrc.net for more info) is on 144.250 from EM39,  North-Central MO.    Phil is on Monday night, starting at 7:45pm with omni loops up high.   Then at 8pm, he switches to a beam and calls south first, then east, then north and west before going back to south about 9pm (all times central).    This is an active net called by a strong station.   N0PB would enjoy hearing from you.   

   There’s also 432.100 action every Monday night.    N4PZ  is 100 miles west of Chicago in grid square EN52gb.   Steve has 4 long yagis and a kilowatt on 432 and works even modest stations out to 400+ miles, if they’re pointed right at him.   You can’t believe how loud he gets when those sharp yagis peak right up on you.   
   N4PZ is on 432.100 every Monday night at 8pm central.   Believe he starts out looking SW and then swings his yagis counter-clockwise, or S, SE, E, NE, N, NW and then W.   You should get on 432 and say hello and see who else you can work — N4PZ is always trying to setup contacts between check-ins; it’s a lot of fun.

   Spread the word to your VHF/UHF buddies,  get on and have fun.

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