Friday and Saturday 2m and 6m SSB Activity

     You have several options on Fridays and Saturdays  —  save this info it’s of interest.   Please help spread the word so the bands will be more active.    This is new info that I haven’t previously posted here. 

   Every Friday at 7pm central time, there’s the Chicago/Ohio net on 144.215.   I’m rarely around on Friday evenings, but I did have a nice conversation on the air with KD8IME a few Wednesdays ago.   KD8IME is Bob in EN71, NW Ohio.   He now calls this net, and I know Bob has a very healthy signal.   Bob also went on to say that they enjoy new check-ins, so don’t worry too much about the “Chicago/Ohio” name.   If you can hear KD8IME on 144.215 any old Friday at 7pm central time, then say hello and tell him KC9BQA sent you.  🙂 

   Next up on Fridays is a 6m net from NE Ohio, grid square EN91.   This net is on 50.165 at 9pm eastern every Friday.   It’s called by Jim K8ZWY in EN91kk.    They apparently cover western NY & PA and eastern OH.   If you’re within a few hundred miles of Cleveland, I’d check this one out and see how well they get out.   This info came from N8WNA John in EN82, Detroit area.   

    EDIT — Feb. 2, 2012 —  Just learned last night from KD8IME that this net has now been starting at 7pm eastern, one hour earlier than before. 
    Saturday evenings, at 7pm eastern/6pm central, there’s 6m activity on 50.170 MHz.     KD8IME is net control from EN71, NW Ohio.   He starts out calling to his SW, then goes clockwise a full 360 from there.   Meaning SW, then W, NW, N, NE, E, SE and S.   He has a nice signal on 2m, so I assume he’d get out pretty well on 6m.

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