Next VHF/UHF Contest is January 22-23, 2011 — ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes

     (If you’re looking for the Wed. night 2m net info, it’s right below this post) 

     The ARRL has all-band VHF/UHF contests 3 times per year.   They’re always in January, June and September. 

     By all-band, I mean starting on your bread-and-butter bands of 6m and 2m, and going right on up thru 222 and 432 MHz, all the way on up to microwave bands like 902, 1296, 10 GHZ and beyond.    Nearly all VHF contesters have 6m and 2m, and then guys add 432 and/or 222 MHz from there.   Some move even higher up, and you might add 902/903 MHz, 1296, 2304 MHz and perhaps 10 gigahertz, too, which is increasingly popular.   
    Two more contests are the ARRL UHF on the 1st weekend of August, which is on 222, 432 MHz and higher.    A 5th good contest is the CQ WW VHF (6m and 2m only)  in mid-July.  

     In my experience, a contest is when the bands are busiest.   That’s why I love contests; because of the action.   If you go back here and look up the months surrounding contests, you’ll see that I go into a bit of overdrive during the months of Jan., June, July, Aug. and Sept.   😉   

    I will post several links here to get you thinking about and planning for the January contest.
    Here’s the link for the Jan. contest from ARRL:
    Here’s some helpful hints and tips:

    I’ve written a series of articles called VHF Contesting School.    I wrote these articles primarily to attract newcomers to VHF contesting.   I think we need to do a better job of reaching out to Joe Q. Ham, who usually has at least 2m gear, and often 6m equipment too.    Since more than 50% of activity in any VHF contest is on 6m and/or 2m, in theory many thousands of hams are capable of enjoying a V/UHF contest.  

    The link to the full series of articles is at:  
    If you enjoy VHF contesting, do yourself a favor and pass this info along to your ham buddies.   There’s a certain percentage of hams who will try something new if  you encourage them in a friendly way.

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