222 Tuesday is ON Every Tuesday

  3:50pm Tuesday — Most regular readers here are well aware of 222 Tuesday —  it’s the nationwide activity night for all USA/VE ops on this great band.   If you need more info, click here:   http://kc9bqa.com/?p=3972  
  Please spread this info to anyone who enjoys 222 MHz SSB/CW or 223-225 MHz FM.   222 Tuesday is as good as each individual makes it.   222 Tuesday doesn’t work unless there’s activity.    It also doesn’t work if you’re “just listening”.   If a dozen guys all listen, then nobody hears a thing.   Remember if you find yourself in a QSO on the call freq. of 222.100, to either QSY at least 5-10 kc or give frequent longer pauses for others to make calls.

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