Also Have 2 SSB Options Now Every Thursday at 0100Z/7pm Central

   (If you’re looking for tonight’s — Wednesday — 2m net info, scroll down a few posts) 
   I’m going to talk about two Thursday SSB nets in this post, one of which I’ve never publicized before.   It is out of Southeast Ohio — grid square EM89ud.   
   First, remember the Q5 net every Thursday at 0100Z, 7pm central on 144.220.   Your friendly net control is N9JBW John, in EN61, south side of Chicago.   John’s been at this for many years now, and they have a good time.   I believe N9JBW starts out looking east and then goes clockwise from there.   He’s always looking for more check-ins from anywhere, so stop by and say hello to the Q5 net. 

   The other option I’ve learned about is on 144.250, also at 0100Z, or 8pm eastern every Thursday.   Net control is usually AB8XG Kenny and backup net control is KD8DJE Russell.  This net is called from EM89ud, or Albany, OH, southeast part of OH.   This is a SWOT net (SideWinders onTwo) but of course, all are welcome.   If you want more info about SWOT, visit   
    I’m happy to promote these nets because I now know both get out a long ways and they’re always looking for more check-ins and to increase activity.   In fact, I’ve emailed with AB8XG and he says they’ve come a long ways in the past 4 years of running it.    They currently run an 18-el beam up 75′ (horizontal, of course, on the SSB/CW portion of 2m).   Also have a 160 watt brick and the QTH is at 1000′ ASL (above sea level).   That is a setup that will get out 300 miles or more, no problem, assuming a clear horizon.   
     The SE Ohio SWOT net starts out at 0100Z/8pm eastern by looking NW for a while, then swinging the beams — not sure which direction(s) first.   After about an hour, they then switch to a horizontal loop array and they start an informal session with locals on SSB.  
    W8BYA in EN70 monitored the net last week and said a variety of 8’s and 4’s checked in, and that AB8XG has a very good signal because W8BYA never lost copy on net control as he rotated around the compass.   Thanks Gedas for letting us know what you heard.  

     So now there are two good options for enjoying 144 MHz SSB on Thursday nights.    Say hello to N9JBW on 144.220 and AB8XG on 144.250, and let them know how well they’re getting out.

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