Good Contest Wishes to All

   ARRL VHF Sweepstakes starts at 1900Z or 1pm central tomorrow and runs until 0400Z or 10pm central Sunday night.   All the links you could ever need are at 3 posts I made on Jan. 6th.   Those posts have now slid off the front page, so scroll back a page and take what you need.    It is not too late to get on the air with whatever you have.   Easily 60-70% of the activity takes place on the bread-and-butter bands of 6m and 2m, and most hams have those bands.   If you just aren’t ready to pick up the mic and call CQ, no worries.   At least tune in and listen to what’s happening.   You’ll be more comfortable in the future. 

   I haven’t talked about my own contest plans because I have none.   My station’s pretty much a shambles, but fortunately, it’s not bugging me very much.    144 does work but that’s about it.    It didn’t help matters that my newer 7 element beam for 6m snapped in half during the Dec. 10-11 blizzard.    Guess we’ll have to “bug” the tower guy again, come spring.   

   I don’t like talking about not being able to contest.  Makes me feel disloyal or like a slacker.   Silly, but true.    I’d rather concentrate on those who are participating.   Good luck everyone — I’ll look forward to reading contest stories next week.

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    A summary of my endeavors can be found here: