Link To Google Spreadsheet for Posting Your Jan 22-23 Contest Plans

    Once again, W0UC has created a Google spreadsheet where you can enter your VHF/UHF contest plans.   These have proved to be popular; it really motivates guys to get on, when they can see there will be plenty of activity.   Whether you’re a rover or fixed station, big gun or little pistol, enter your data and let others know you’ll be contesting. 
     One practical note please — These spreadsheets were created with a Midwest/Great Lakes audience in mind.   If you’re within roughly 500 miles of WI and MN, please post your plans.   If you’re well outside this region, consider creating your own spreadsheet.   It would be great to have these for say, New England, the Southeast, the Southern Plains, the Rockies, West Coast, etc.  
     The link to the spreadsheet is:

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