Post-Contest Update

    I’ve seen a handful of emails about the contest.   My resources are the Badger Contesters email reflector (visit for more info), plus the NLRS (Northern Lights Radio Society out of Minnesota) and SMC reflectors (Society of Midwest Contesters out of ILL and parts of IN and MO)   Visit and to access those websites.  

    The early emails that I’ve seen say that activity was moderate or decent, depending on where you were located.  Propagation was flat.   Sunday’s NFL games reduced activity, but I’m sure plenty of guys got on for the last few hours on Sunday evening. 
     The area surrounding La Crosse continues to improve.   KF0Q was out roving for the first time in many years and Matt was very pleasantly surprised to work multiple stations in EN43.    The La Crosse/EN43 area was the first to respond when I started promoting VHF hard back in mid-2008.   Glad to see they are continuing with their own momentum.  

    I may add  more in a few days.   Of course, you are welcome to share your contest stories here, using the “comment” feature.

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