Sunday Evening Activity From MN and MI on 6m and 2m (SSB)

      Here’s the link to the Sunday evening nets:  
      I like to remind readers about their weekly options.   Scroll back a page or two if you think you’ve missed anything.   I post frequent updates because we get new visitors all the time.    I want VHF/UHF’ers to know where and when they can hear signals.    Who wants to listen to dead air?   The main purpose of this website is to increase VHF/UHF on-air activity at anytime.   Meaning contests, band openings, nets, activity nights or just general “do-it-yourself ” CQ’ing.    If everyone took just 15-30 minutes per week to call CQ in a 360 degree circle, our bands would be hopping.  
   There are far more VHF-capable stations than I ever would have imagined.    Hundreds of veterans are out there, and I know first-hand that newer guys are coming on board every week.   Help spread the word to other hams.   If we all do our part to increase activity, it pays off big-time.    Again, thanks to everyone who is helping.   🙂

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