Wed. Night’s 2m Net Reports

   Thanks again to WB9LYH and KA0KYZ for increasing on-air activity and for their email reports.    Happy to report plenty of check-ins, including many new ones. 
   WB9LYH on 144.240 in EN54 took 23 check-ins.   KA0KYZ on 144.230 in EN33 took 10 check-ins. 
   WB9LYH reported interesting propagation, especially to the north.   He also had a new all-time check in with K0JQA in EN31, just north of Des Moines, IA.    EN31 always gets our attention because it has so little activity.   Hope we can hear from more stations in Iowa.   
   It also looks like KB9JMH EN52, KC9RJI EN41, KD0KUK EN35 and K0NY EN44 are new check-ins.    I say this over and over, but I mean it.   Nothing pleases me more than seeing new callsigns enjoying weak-signal VHF.    I know many of you are spreading the word and keep it up — it’s working.  🙂 
   Mark’s check-ins were:  N9OLT EN64;  VE3LPY EN82;  W9RM EN52;  WB9WOZ EN61;  W9YZU EM69;  WB9TAE and KC9GMF EN53;  KB9JMH EN52;  KC0PDX and KC9RJI EN41;  WA9BNZ EN40;  N9NYA and W9RPM EN43;  K0JQA EN31;  KG0SJ EN22;  KD0KUK EN35;  WD0BGZ EN10;  WB9EZB, KC9EGV and WA9ISG all EN55;  VE3KRP EN58;  W0ANH EN47; and K0NY EN44.

    KA0KYZ reported changing conditions during his net.   Said the APRS propagation map (available at this link: ) showed enhancement to his east, with no stations on to confirm it.   He said his check-ins reported flat to below average conditions in the contest last weekend, but that activity was pretty good.   A few mentioned that participation was even better than it was in the Sept. contest.  
     Terry also mentioned that he had BAD noise to his south and southwest, and he’s sorry he couldn’t make out some stations in those directions.   For instance, he says he can usually hear N0IRS in Kansas City, but he barely got his call before the fading and noise took out JD. 
    Terry’s check-ins were:  KC9GMF EN53;  KC9RJI and KC0PDX EN41;  W9RM EN52;  N0IRS EM29;  N9KOR EN44;  KG0SJ EN22;  K0SIX EN35;  N9OLT EN64 and W9RPM EN43.

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