144.230 and 144.240 Long-Range Nets are ON Wed. Evening

   3:30pm Tuesday —  KA0KYZ should be on 144.230 tomorrow night, from EN33, or far SE MN.   He’ll start out @0045Z, or 6:45pm central/7:45pm eastern, by looking east thru WI, into MI, and OH and IN, and going clockwise from there.   
   I will be on 144.240, from EN63, or just north of Milwaukee, starting at 0100Z.  I start out by looking north, and I then go clockwise from there, a full 360 over the next 60-90 minutes. 
   KA0KYZ and I offset our start times so everyone has a chance to listen in on either frequency.  
   All are welcome to say hello or listen along to the nets.  The purpose is to stir up more activity on less-used portions of 2 meters.  We appreciate you spreading the word, so that everyone with a curiosity about 2m SSB knows where and when they can find signals on the air.  
   Remember to use the on4kst.com real-time VHF/UHF chat.  Both of us net controls are in there.  The chat is available 7/24/365 for all USA/VE/XE hams on 144 MHz and up.    When you’re in there, post what you’re hearing and which direction you are calling CQ in.    If you need more info about signing up, see  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=3765

    I would not be surprised if conditions were somewhat enhanced tomorrow night.   The weather looks to be foggy and that’s usually a plus (warmer air aloft over cooler air at the surface is what you want for tropospheric enhancement). 
    Plus we have all kinds of aurora potential.    Scroll down a bit for more info.

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