2 Nets Wed. Night — KA0KYZ EN33 on 144.230 @ 0045Z. Plus WB9LYH EN54 on 144.240 @ 0100Z

   9:30pm Tues. Night —  Please give the nets your support any Wednesday night it’s convenient.   We really appreciate how so many of you have helped spread the word — please keep it up.   Remember that we encourage all VHF’ers to also call around on 144.220 and lower, to spread activity in all directions.   Our purpose for being here on Wed. nights is to make 2m SSB/CW come alive.   Help do your part. 

   Tomorrow night (Wed.), both KA0KYZ and WB9LYH will be net controls.   KA0KYZ is in far SE MN, on 144.230, starting at 0045Z by looking east and then going clockwise from there.  WB9LYH is right in the middle of WI, on 144.240, starting at 0100Z by looking northeast and then going clockwise from there.  Both net controls have strong signals and make Q’s in the 200-450 mile range with many stations (that have horizontally polarized yagis up in the clear). 

   Everyone needs to know that starting on Wed., March 2nd, KA0KYZ will be starting his net later — at 0300Z, every Wed. night.   That’s 9pm central, 10pm eastern.   This works better for Terry, and as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, a later net makes plenty of sense.   I’m optimistic that as the word spreads, this 9pm net will be a real hit.   If you want more detail, click this link:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=4187

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