Check Back Next Few Days for Updates

9:15pm Thur.
I’ll be typing some updates when I find an hour to gather my thoughts.   In the meantime, this is a list to help remind me what I want to expand upon.
1)  WI QSO Party is Sunday March 13th, from 1-7pm central time.     See for full details.  This will be the first day of daylight savings, so make sure to get the times right. 
2)  KA1ZE has sent a nice update about how much fun his daily morning net is on 144.205, called from FN01. 
3)  Spring VHF and Up Sprints will start with 2m first, on Monday evening, April 11th, from 7-11pm your local time.   I am unable to find any link to rules via a Google search.    Not sure at this time who’s actually running them.  Ask if any readers can help fill us in. 
4)  AES Superfest is first weekend of April, in Milwaukee. 
5) VHF/UHF chat room celebrates a 1-year anniversary very soon
6)  Encourage newcomers to this website to scroll back a few pages, and read about all the different net options there are across the Midwest and Great Lakes, 7 days a week.

2 Responses to “Check Back Next Few Days for Updates”

  1. AC2Y Says:

    Love your site. Just wanted to give you another site with VHF/UHF nets. With the cycle starting to heat up who knows what will be possible.

    Me and a couple others tune in to some of the nets you mention hoping for an opening.

    I nice addition to your site would be a net list by day of the week. Just a thought. Keep up the good work.

  2. kc9bqa Says:

    Nice to hear from someone with RMVHF ties. W6OAL and I emailed for a time over a year ago. I have been very motivated to find more activity from the Dakotas, Nebraska and Central and Western KS. I believe our western net controls could involve those guys, if they exist. As well as you fellows working them from your Colorado QTH’s.
    Guys in the Plains should know RMVHF runs active nets, and it’s great to see so many of your members taking a role in promoting activity. I do keep an eye on tropo maps and prop loggers, but never see reports of WI, IL, MI, etc working into CO on 2m and above. Farthest west I’ve ever worked on 144 (via tropo) was N0YK in DM98. Did work Salt Lake City via 2m Es in the June contest this past summer. That path was open for at least 20-30 minutes, but it didn’t shift to different areas. I surely was hoping for it to shorten to the Denver area! Again, that’s just talking about 144 MHz and higher. 6m (50 MHz) is a whole ‘nother story. More about that below.

    I’m unaware of sunspots being able to improve propagation on bands above 6 meters. If I am mistaken, I need to hear about it from a veteran V/UHF’er.
    The mechanisms for long-haul DX on 144, 222, 432 and higher are typically weather-related. (Auroral propagation in the northern states being an exception)

    2m will open up perhaps a half dozen times per summer via sporadic E skip (not a sunspot-related mode) for short intervals, and then 800-1500 mile Q’s are possible. Sporadic Es on 222 has happened only a few times and is considered ultra-rare. I know it can happen; I heard it myself a few summers back. E skip is unheard of on 432 and higher.
    Now when it comes to 6m, that’s where a rising sunspot count gives VHF’ers hope for worldwide openings. The last time this was reliably possible was back in 2001-2002, and I wasn’t a ham back then. So new guys, ask a veteran about their fond memories of F2 openings where they worked the world on 50 MHz, just like guys do on 10, 15 or 20m.
    Of course, 6m is open *lots* in the summer, via good ol’ sporadic E skip. This happens reliably, regardless of solar conditions. Sporadic Es (at least to me) is why so many call 50 MHz “The Magic Band”. One minute you’re hearing a local, and the next minute, you have TX, FL, NY, CO — who knows? You get a double or triple-hop Es opening and now you’re working the Caribbean, or maybe even western Europe.
    (I give this info for the benefit of many new folks who visit this website)

    You have an excellent point about listing nets by day of week. If I knew how to create “permalinks” with this WordPress software, I’d do it. But I’m a tech dork in many ways, so we’ll continue on with my uh… quirky ways. Unless someone wants to teach me.