KA1ZE/3 Calls a 144.205 SSB Net *Every* Morning at 1300Z/8am Eastern from FN01xt, or North-Central PA

  ** EDIT — Sept 28, 2012
   I originally made this post back on Feb. 4, 2011.  
   I want readers to understand that KA1ZE now has a daily V/UHF newsletter that’s just amazing.  Words fail me.  Good thing Stan’s retired because what he does for weak-signal V/UHF has to be a full-time job.   Stan’s daily V/UHF newsletter is called the .205MorningReport and you can access it at ka1ze.com or you can also email Stan and ask to be put on the distribution list.  ENJOY! 
   END of EDIT ** 
   Back to the original content of this post made on Feb. 4, 2011 
   For those who like short stories, everything you need is in that headline.  
   This is a net I haven’t talked about before, so for this website it’s brand-new information.    It’s also a net that is ON 7 days per week, plus it’s in the morning, so you early birds, 2nd and 3rd shifters and retired guys will eat this up.  
   Best part is it’s run by a guy with a big signal that gets out a long ways and he’s looking for more check-ins from everywhere.   On mornings with enhancement, I suspect you’ll hear some amazing things.   Here’s hoping this net will operate for many more months.   

   If you want more details, please read on. 
   All of this is published with KA1ZE’s permission and encouragement — we emailed back and forth yesterday.    I’m glad he’s trying to stir up activity across a very wide territory.   Even though this takes place out in PA, please pay attention and see the larger possibilities.  
   Most of what follows is in KA1ZE’s own words:  This takes place on 144.205, every morning. 

   “On October 3rd, 2010, KA1ZE FN10 and W2UAD FN13 decided to do something about low 2 meter activity.   The plan was simple, operate on a regular schedule, 7 days a week.   We start at 8:00am (eastern), I split my power between 2 antennas (700 watts each), one antenna EAST and the other NORTH.  A group of regulars compare signal levels until 8:30am.  We are always soliciting check-ins.  At 8:30am (again, eastern time) the broad beam width antennas are WEST and SOUTH.   As net control, I encourage ALL STATIONS to point their antennas at each other to make a contact if possible.  The operation continues until there are no stations trying to make a QSO with each other.  We usually have finished by 9am, but have gone as late as 10am.   We have been seeing daily QSB of at least 10dB.  Because of that our transmissions can be lengthy.  I record daily signal strengths from a graph produced by Linrad receiving 2 channels.  Our efforts have been very successful.  99 different stations from 39 grids have entered my morning log to date (Feb. 3, 2011).  
    Bottom line —  we can generate activity by being on the air.”   (emphasis KC9BQA’s)

    If you’re the type who likes extra detail, read on:
   Stan (KA1ZE/3) continues…
   “I do all of the CQ’ing, acting as a net control.  When I get a check-in from a 400 mile station, I let that station do the CQ’ing while I help connect the station on 144.205 trying to make the contact.  I often paraphrase what all stations are reporting.  A typical report might be that K1BXC FN31 is hearing W2UAD FN13 not well enough for a QSO however he might be able to hear words or able to recognize voice characteristics or maybe just detect a change in noise floor. 
    Having 2 high gain broad beam width antennas allows me to hear both sides of most QSO’s.   Monday morning (Jan 31st, 2011) W1COT FN31 and K1BXC FN31 were on frequency with W8MIL in EN74 (NW Lower MI) also on.  They are 680 miles apart.   K1BXC and W8MIL both heard words.   It didn’t sound like Ms (meteor scatter).  This kind of fun is why we usually keep the QSO’s on 144.205.  
    It would be nice to get an active station 200-300 miles west of me to become a morning regular.   This would put me in the middle (KA1ZE is in FN01xt) and we cold test long haul troposcatter conditions of 500-600 miles daily.”

2 Responses to “KA1ZE/3 Calls a 144.205 SSB Net *Every* Morning at 1300Z/8am Eastern from FN01xt, or North-Central PA”

  1. Ed Valentine Says:

    This is great news. Just what is needed for us to wk DX.
    I will be looking for you around 8:30 in the future. I am retired.
    Location is FM15 New Bern NC 28562

    Ant 14 el 150 watts
    432 25 watts 18 el

    What is your nearest city and location?
    Your elevation? Etc.

  2. Dick Bolt Says:

    I will drive up to local Mt top some morning to check in again on SSB on 2. I have so far only 100 watts into a squarelow mobile antenna inside my 2 car 2 story garage with metal roof! All my VHF/UHF equip has been silent for at least 12 yrs! 6 mtrs is only into 80 Mtr diapole. Worst is, I live at lake level on Deep Creek Lake and am surrounded by many high mountains. I am still moving my VHF & UHF stuff from Bowie MD house.
    * I ran 800 watts out ( HB pair of 4CX250Rs on 6 into 6 ele beam
    * 400 watts outs on 2 from a Collins URT-32 single 4CX250R cavity final into 4218XL
    * 400 watts out on 432 from URT-32 into KLM 30 ele 22 ft boom Boomer.
    * 22 Watts out on 1296 via transverter into solid state linear in 45 ele loop yagi on 12 ft boom.
    * Have spare 1296 yagi in 3 sections to go portable.
    * I have 3 &1/2 URT-32 rack boat anchor units! The 1/2 ( power section only) sometimes powers my 6 mtr rig.
    Dick, W1DGA in Swanton MD , Deep Creek Lake.