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Wed. Net Reports — WB9LYH 28 Check-ins and KA0KYZ 10 Check-ins

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

   Want to thank both Mark and Terry for running the nets last night and sending me email net reports.   Once again, activity was very good in the dead of winter.  KA0KYZ was pleased to report very low noise levels for a change.  
   Want to thank all our check-ins every week, plus those who are helping to spread the word.  There are many hams who will give “weak-signal” (meaning off the repeater, looking for beyond-the-horizon contacts) VHF a try.   IF they know where and when they can find activity.  

  KA0KYZ was on 144.230 and heard from:   K0NY EN44;  KR8T EN72 (This is Terry’s 2nd all-time MI check-in, I believe);  N9OLT EN64;  W9CWD EN52;  N0IRS and KD0FEI EM29;  KG0SJ and WB0YWW EN22;  K0SIX EN35 and W9RPM EN43.   
   **PLEASE REMEMBER THAT KA0KYZ  STARTS HIS 144.230 NET AT 0300Z, OR 9PM CENTRAL/10PM EASTERN FROM NOW ON.   Help spread the word to whomever you can think of. **  There’s more info about that below in a Feb. 17th post if you’re interested. 

   WB9LYH was on 144.240 and heard from:   N9OLT EN64;  N8WNA and VE3LPY EN82;  W9YZU EM69;  N9JBW and K9CCL EN61;  KC8ZJL EN71;  K8GDT EN91;  a new all-time check-in — KF8MY in EN84, northeast Lower MI;  W9MP EN45;  N9UM, W9CWD and NT9E EN52;  N9NYA, W9RPM and WV9E EN43;  WA9BNZ and W9BBP EN40;  WB0YWW, KG0SJ and WB0YNZ EN22;  K0JQA EN31;  K0NY EN44;  W0MTW EN24;  KA0KYZ EN33;  KC0TRX EN34;  K0SIX EN35 and W0ANH EN47.   

2 Nets Wed. Night — KA0KYZ EN33 on 144.230 @ 0045Z. Plus WB9LYH EN54 on 144.240 @ 0100Z

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

   9:30pm Tues. Night —  Please give the nets your support any Wednesday night it’s convenient.   We really appreciate how so many of you have helped spread the word — please keep it up.   Remember that we encourage all VHF’ers to also call around on 144.220 and lower, to spread activity in all directions.   Our purpose for being here on Wed. nights is to make 2m SSB/CW come alive.   Help do your part. 

   Tomorrow night (Wed.), both KA0KYZ and WB9LYH will be net controls.   KA0KYZ is in far SE MN, on 144.230, starting at 0045Z by looking east and then going clockwise from there.  WB9LYH is right in the middle of WI, on 144.240, starting at 0100Z by looking northeast and then going clockwise from there.  Both net controls have strong signals and make Q’s in the 200-450 mile range with many stations (that have horizontally polarized yagis up in the clear). 

   Everyone needs to know that starting on Wed., March 2nd, KA0KYZ will be starting his net later — at 0300Z, every Wed. night.   That’s 9pm central, 10pm eastern.   This works better for Terry, and as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, a later net makes plenty of sense.   I’m optimistic that as the word spreads, this 9pm net will be a real hit.   If you want more detail, click this link:

Gulf and Mid-South Tropo Opening This Morning — How Far North Will it Get?

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

   The APRS Prop Map is showing what looks like a big tropo opening in the southern Plains.   The Midwest/Great Lakes looks better than average — which would be the 3rd morning in a row.   Hope you early birds are getting some good stuff. 
   The 144 Prop Logger  has come to life and N0IRS in Kansas City is working a 716 mile path to KC5GTT in EL09, South TX.   So the opening is legit.  I also see N4QWZ in EM66 is working into EL09, on an 860-mile path.   That’s very healthy tropo on 2m.   I wouldn’t be surprised if the good conditions creep northward, so start calling CQ.

Pair of 2m SSB Nets On Thur. Nights — EN61 144.220 and EM89 144.250

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

   N9JBW has been calling the friendly Q5 net on 144.220 for many years now.   John starts up at 0100z from EN61, south side of Chicago.  He starts out looking east and then goes clockwise from there.  
   AB8XG calls a SWOT net (SideWindersOnTwo — see on 144.250 from EM89, SE Ohio.   Kenny also starts at 0100Z, every Thursday evening. 
   That’s the short story.   For those who enjoy more detail, click on this link:

    Help spread the word about these nets, and help create more RF on the bands.   We can attract new weak-signal VHF ops if they know where and when to tune their rigs for activity.

WV9E Has 146.460 FM Simplex Net Every Thur. — 8:30pm, EN43

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

   WV9E and W9RPM continue to improve and expand their 146.460 FM Simplex net from the La Crosse, WI area, grid EN43.   They get on at 8:30pm central every Thursday and are now using a vertical beam to find more DX.    WV9E has a nice VHF website, too.   It’s at

KA1ZE/3 Calls a 144.205 SSB Net *Every* Morning at 1300Z/8am Eastern from FN01xt, or North-Central PA

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

   I want the info about this exciting net to stay on the front page.   Make sure to spread the word about this 144.205 activity every morning in a very wide area.  KA1ZE has a great station from a killer QTH.   For full details, click this link:   Take a few minutes to read that post and absorb what KA1ZE is doing.

KA0KYZ’s (EN33) 144.230 Net Will Start at 0300Z, or 9pm Central/10pm Eastern, Effective Wed. March 2nd.

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

   If you like short stories, everything you need is in that headline. 

   KA0KYZ in EN33 and I talked for some time last night, and he’s going to change his 144.230 net on Wednesdays to a later start time.  It makes sense for his schedule and lifestyle, which is important.   I am optimistic that as the days get longer and the propagation improves with warmer weather, Terry may have a real 2m hit on his hands.   We all know propagation usually improves as the night goes along.  
   Hopefully a good group of night owls will support this activity across a multi-state area.   If you want to talk about it with Terry, he hangs out in the chat in the later evenings. 

  Again, starting Wed. March 2nd, KA0KYZ in EN33, far SE MN, will be starting his net on 144.230 at 0300Z, or 9pm central/10pm eastern.   He will start out calling CQ to his east, to catch the guys in MI/OH/IN, and then he’ll swing clockwise from there.   
   Please help spread the word.  

   Nothing changes with the 144.240 net that WB9LYH EN54 calls at 0100Z on Weds.  (With KC9BQA EN63 alternate net conrol)  Mark and I will probably change our start time a little later like we do every summer, but I don’t see that happening until April or perhaps early May.    And we wouldn’t change our start time to later than 0200Z, or 8pm central/9pm eastern.

Wed. 2m Net Reports — KA0KYZ Has 9 Check-Ins and KC9BQA Has 22.

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

   While conditions last night (at least for me) weren’t all that great, we had strong participation again, which is most important.  Had multiple new check-ins, plenty of activity from Iowa, and an enjoyable net on a mild winter evening.   Great to hear so many guys all across the Midwest and Great Lakes talking about temperatures in the 40’s and low 50’s.   No aurora was heard, but I still expect we’ll have some today or tomorrow.  Aurora can be fickle; just need to keep monitoring chat, the prop loggers and your spaceweather links. 

   Terry KA0KYZ was on 144.230, and he heard from:
   K0NY and N9QWH EN44;  N9NYA EN43;  N9OLT EN64;  W0FAY EN42;  K0SIX EN35;  NoIRS and KD0FEI EM29 and KB9WZJ EM69.   Guys in MN were reporting very strong signals into the KC area, overall.  
   Make sure you check the post above this one, because KA0KYZ is going to change his net starting time to later in the evening — 9pm central time — effective Wed. Mar. 2nd.    Terry and I talked for some time about this, and I’m all for it. 

    I was on 144.240 last night, and my 22 check-ins were:
   N9OLT EN64;  N8WNA and VE3LPY EN82;  KC8ZJL EN71;  K8GDT EN91;  W9YZU EM69;  N9NDP and N9XCK EN62;  N9NFB and W9RWS EN53;  N0PB EM39;  N0IRS EM29;  WA9ENA EN42;  KG0VL EN32;  WB0YWW EN22;  N9NYA and WV9E EN43;  K0NY and N9KOR EN44;  W0MTW EN24;  KA0KYZ EN33 and K0SIX EN35.  
   Also want to acknowledge KB9RDS EM79, and K9MU EN44, who were listening along.  
   Had several new check-ins to the net (at least to me)… N9XCK, WA9ENA, KG0VL and K0NY are all new to my net log.  Sorry I couldn’t hear WA9ENA better.   In fact, I had several guys who I had a heck of a time digging out.  There was an odd, low-grade noise last night.  KA0KYZ described it like an egg frying, and I’d have to agree.   It wasn’t loud, but it was persistent. 
    Overall, signals were decent to somewhat enhanced to the SW thru NW.  To the east, signals were flat to down slightly.

144.230 and 144.240 Long-Range Nets are ON Wed. Evening

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

   3:30pm Tuesday —  KA0KYZ should be on 144.230 tomorrow night, from EN33, or far SE MN.   He’ll start out @0045Z, or 6:45pm central/7:45pm eastern, by looking east thru WI, into MI, and OH and IN, and going clockwise from there.   
   I will be on 144.240, from EN63, or just north of Milwaukee, starting at 0100Z.  I start out by looking north, and I then go clockwise from there, a full 360 over the next 60-90 minutes. 
   KA0KYZ and I offset our start times so everyone has a chance to listen in on either frequency.  
   All are welcome to say hello or listen along to the nets.  The purpose is to stir up more activity on less-used portions of 2 meters.  We appreciate you spreading the word, so that everyone with a curiosity about 2m SSB knows where and when they can find signals on the air.  
   Remember to use the real-time VHF/UHF chat.  Both of us net controls are in there.  The chat is available 7/24/365 for all USA/VE/XE hams on 144 MHz and up.    When you’re in there, post what you’re hearing and which direction you are calling CQ in.    If you need more info about signing up, see

    I would not be surprised if conditions were somewhat enhanced tomorrow night.   The weather looks to be foggy and that’s usually a plus (warmer air aloft over cooler air at the surface is what you want for tropospheric enhancement). 
    Plus we have all kinds of aurora potential.    Scroll down a bit for more info.

222 Tuesday ON Every Tuesday Evening + SW Lower MI 6m and 2m SSB Activity

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

   222 Tuesday is the nationwide USA/VE activity night for the 1.25m band.   Full info is down this front page, on a Feb. 8th post.  Go there if you want more detail.  You’ll also find details about the weekly activity out of the EN72, or Kalamazoo, MI area.