WI QSO Party is Sunday, March 13 1-7pm Central Time

   Want to get the word out about the WIQP, which runs from 1pm central or 1800Z until 8pm/0100Z on Sunday, March 13th.   The link for rules and info is:   http://www.warac.org/wqp/wqp.htm   
  Make sure you are on top of the times because March 13th is when we turn our clocks forward for spring.   

   I’m a V/UHF guy only.   If I was on HF, I’d enjoy this, definitely.   Help spread the word. 
   As for V/UHF ops, I don’t see much chit-chat about that.   I’d still be tuning around 50.125, 144.200, at a minimum, and asking anyone I find on those bands if they want to also try 222, 432, 900 or 1296 MHz.     WARAC’s website suggests using 52.530 for 6m FM, 146.550 for 2m FM, 223.520 for 1.35 FM and 446.025 for 70cm FM.

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