New 2m SSB Net Fridays from Arkansas — EM34 or EM45

   This info comes from K5SW Sam, who’s been on VHF for decades.   He’s also been very helpful with 222 Tuesdays up and down the Plains. 
   “The new net from AR is the ‘AR Night Flyers VHF Net’ @0100 GMT on Fridays on 144.230.  Net control is KC5LVK in EM34.  Alternate net control is N0QCN in EM45.”
    On March 11th, I received more info via email from net control KC5LVK Anthony. 
    “Thanks for posting the (net) info. I have a group on FaceBook under Night Flyers 2M SSB Net. This is where i post the check-ins and i will not be able to run the net every Friday night so i post that info there also.
    I dont know anything about running a website so thanks again for helping get the word out. Within the next week or so we are installing a 50 ft crankup and a rcf 2-117 amp with an 11-element Cush Craft beam. Hopefully we will be able to get up your way some day. The net starts at 8pm local and i turn the beam with the big hand of the clock. 73 and thanks again for helping out.”
    Many readers to the south of WI can get into an Arkansas net.  Up here, this is a possible tropo beacon.  Remember this new net out of AR on 144.230 Friday nights at 8pm.

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