New Monday and Thursday Nets out of Rochester, NY — FN13hc. Both 2m and 6m.

    The Rochester, New York, VHF guys have been on for many years.  The club goes back to 1949 and their nets back about 8 years, I’m told. 
    Reason I’ve decided to put their QST up here is that I know we have a lot of readers from MI/IN/OH/PA.   VE-land too.  Those areas can work into FN13 on 2m SSB.   Those of us in the western Great Lakes should know about these nets because they make good tropo targets.  
    Here’s the QST from W2UAD:  “The Rochester (NY) VHF Group SSB Net meets at 9pm EST on Mondays and Thursdays on 144.260 with net control pointing west at 9pm from FN13hc or gc.   All are welcome to call in.” 
    He added that while the focus of the net is primarily to ensure upstate NY activity, everyone is welcome and DX adds to the local interest.   I also just learned (via the chat page) that they QSY to 50.200 at 9:30pm (eastern) so there’s another opportunity.       
    To summarize:   the FN13 nets are on 144.260 twice each week, at 8pm central/9pm eastern on Mondays and Thursdays, with them QSY’ing to 50.200 at 8:30 central/9:30 eastern.

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