New 1st and 3rd Tuesdays 2m SSB Net out of EM26 — Oklahoma EDIT — Now Meets Every Tuesday, as of Jan 2012.

   I’m putting this info up because many of the guys who use this website from downstate IL and IN, plus IA, MO and KS can work these nets.  For those of us in WI/MI/MN, they are good tropo indicators.   I still remember tying into my first true tropo opening in the summer of 2004, when signals starting booming in from OK.   One reality of weak-signal VHF is that there are often openings that go unnoticed because not enough signals are on the air at any given time.  So knowing where and when regular activity is important.  

   The info here and in the post below comes from K5SW Sam. 
   “The W5VHF ‘Ultra Highs Weak Signal Net’ runs the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 8pm local on 144.190.  Net control is KD5VZE EM26 and we get check-ins from KS, MO, TX, OK and AR so far. 
   EDIT — Jan 4, 2012.  I now see that this net meets *every* Tuesday.  This is via K5SW himself, in a post to the VHF reflector (
   Sam also provides a link for those who want more info —

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