Saying What’s on my Mind About 222 Tuesday

   6:30pm Tuesday —

    Markets were crazy today and I totally forgot about sending out the 222 Tuesday promotional emails until about an hour ago.   Then I thought about it for a bit, and what went thru my head was, “nobody else is getting on for 222 Tuesday, why do I even care?”   
     So my weekly email reminders today had a different tone to them.  Basically, if I don’t see 222 Tuesday perk up across different parts of the country in the next month, I’m going to stop promoting it.   This isn’t a threat, it’s a Vince Lombardi-like kick in the rear.   If you have 222 and want to hear activity outside of a contest or band opening, then you need to get your mic in hand and call CQ any Tuesday you are available.   A half hour or so would be wonderful.  If you have 222 and don’t care about regular activity, then keep doing the same thing — nothing.    

     222 is a great band.  Watt-for-watt, decibel-for-decibel, it gets out about 20% better (rough guess on my part) than 2m does.  Problem with 222 is there are far fewer guys with 222 SSB/CW-capable gear.  So finding regular activity is tough.  Finding 222 gear is tough.   You either get a transverter, or a Yaesu FT-726 or FT-736 with the 222 band module, or you find a rare and super-expensive Icom IC-375.   222 is not fast food hamming, no way.  

     I’d estimate that within 300-400 miles of me, there are probably 150-200 guys that are 222-capable (again, meaning on SSB/CW, using horizontal-polarization. )  I know in a good contest, I will make 40-60 contacts on 222.   So the guys are out there.   But as far as motivating even 10 of them to get on for a weekly activity night, forget about it.    I email over 70 guys with 222, plus the 4 known VHF contest groups in the Great Lakes, with the reminders.   And for months now, less than 5 guys have gotten on.   There’s hardly any posts on the 222 Prop Logger, and no chit-chat about 222 on the chat.   At one time, 222 Tuesday was doing very well, but that was a long time ago. 

     There may be a solution out there for perking this up.  If you have one, share it here via the comment feature or email it to me.   We need some brainstormers and motivators.   I’m about out of energy for 222 Tuesdays.  Tired of trying to make this happen, especially when the 2m nets are going so well.  
     Perhaps 222 Tuesday could benefit from…
     1)  Rovers or hilltoppers going out and activating tough grids PLUS announcing their intentions ahead of time so everyone can benefit from the activity.
     2)  Scaling it back to once a month.   Say the 2nd Tuesday (get it?)  Which leads to…
     3)  Perhaps making 222 Tuesday some sort of sprint or distance-based deal.   Attach a bit of competition or scorekeeping to it.   Something along those lines.  90% of the 222 guys I work only get on for contests.  
     4)  Perhaps making 222 Tuesday a net.   Lord knows the 2m nets are going GREAT.  We get dozens of check-ins, plus new ops nearly every week.     (Don’t ask me to do a 222 net, I’m already too VHF-busy, LOL) 

     We’ll see if anything comes of this post.  I’m not holding my breath.

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