Great Email from KA1ZE/3, Explaining the Daily 144.205 Activity @1200Z

    Stan KA1ZE continues to improve his net and 2m activity levels.   Every morning, 7 days a week, they’re on 144.205, starting at 8am eastern/7am central.   If you are within 500-600 miles of FN01xt, you want to be aware of this daily activity.   In fact, with tropo season right around the corner, you’re going to start seeing contacts being made in the 500-1000 mile range.   There are already FL ops waiting to get on board, once ducts expand up north. 
    Every morning, a dozen or more guys from multiple states and grids are getting on and working each other.  Here is a recent email Stan sent, explaining their operations.   I have Stan’s permission to publish it.   ALSO — IF YOU WANT TO GET ON KA1ZE’s EMAIL LIST, send a request to   Stan will be happy to add you, and you’ll enjoy seeing his daily reports, including the total miles worked by each participant. 
    KA1ZE says (on April 15, 2011):
                                  144.205 Morning Group Meets Daily 8AM EDT
   Gentlemen, you are receiving this because you have either checked in to the net or are someone who I feel may be interested in our activity.  A very brief history about the group:  Back in September 2010, Ken W2UAD and I were discussing the lack of activity on 2 meters.  I was planning on spending time in Florida and I wanted to fill my time with some Ham Radio activity.  He thought if we got on the air on a regular schedule that we might be able to shake the trees and generate regular activity.  Boy was he (W2UAD) right, hihi.  We have maintained our 8AM operation and to date we have had 122 different stations from 45 Grid Squares check in.  I have made 914 QSO’s to date (not bad for a band lacking activity).  I control the station through the internet and have probably missed fewer than 5 days from the beginning.  Those days regulars W2UAD, Richard N2SPI, and Dan K1BXC have kept the group going.  
                                             Purpose of the Group
We want to see more activity by making as many contacts as we can.  We are also studying daily propagation by making contacts over redundant paths.  Every station checking into the group will be asked to try and make a contact with every other station, if desired.  This is a great way to test new antennas and equipment.  All of this activity takes place on 144.205.   ( KC9BQA adds — Stan realizes that a 2nd or 3rd freq. may need to be added, if the numbers keep growing.   He says, “that would be a sweet problem.” ) 
                               ON4KST 144/432 IARU R2 Chat Page
I monitor both 144.205 and the ON4KST chat page daily until around 10 AM.  If you are not hearing activity on 205 please advise me on the chat page and I will swing the antenna your way.   Using the chat page is a big help in aiming our flashlights.  In most cases someone on frequency will be in a favorable position to set up the sked.  You can join the chat page using this link:  

2-26-2011   W8BYA EN70 works N2SPI/M FN22 for a new Grid 793km.  N2SPI used a 3 el yagi
3-20-2011  W8BYA EN70 works N2SPI/M FN24 for a new Grid  832km.  N2SPI used a 3 el yagi
3-26-2011  W8MIL EN74 works WA4GPM FN11 770km.  This contact has been completed several times.
4-10-2011  W9RM EN52 works KA1ZE/3 FN01 870km. 
All of the above contacts were made using tropospheric scatter.  As of mid-April 2011, we have not experienced and E skip, Inversions or made any Meteor Scatter contacts. 

The new game we are playing is to add up the total distance worked in any one day.  More to follow on this but today NG4C FM16 NC worked K1MAP FN32 714km, K1BXC FN31 698km, N2SPI FN22 668km, K1PXE FN32 602km and KA1ZE/3 618km for a total distance of 3300km (2050 miles).  Not too shabby for flat band conditions.  Why not turn the radio on some morning and try for 5000km?   We will have active stations like WB8AUK EN80, W8BYA EN70, W9RM EN52, W8MIL EN74, VE3VII FN03, W2UAD FN13, KK1CW FN42, W1ZC FN42, AF1T FN43, K1MAP FN32, K1BXC FN31, N2SPI FN22, K3SZY FN10, WA4GPM FN11, KN4SM FM 16, NG4C FM16, plus others… 

Thanks for reading, Stan KA1ZE/3 FN01xt

(KC9BQA adds — If you want to be added to Stan’s email list, send your request to

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