Net Reports — WB9LYH Has 23 Check-Ins; KA0KYZ Has 18 and K8TQK 14.

  All 3 Net Reports are now up — 
  WB9LYH on 144.240 had decent conditions in some directions tonight.   I was out in the shed listening along, and heard much the same.   N8WNA’s signal was up to the east and W0ANH and VE3KRP were decent from the north.  Still plenty of QSB fades, though.  
  Had two new all-time check-ins, both from EN71, which really makes my night.  
  Mark’s 23 check-ins on 144.240 were:  N9OLT EN64;  KC8ZJL, KA9RSL and KB9HQF in EN71.  ‘RSL and ‘HQF are the new check-ins, welcome to Keith and Bob.   K8GDT EN91; N9NYA EN43; WA8YUZ and N8WNA EN82;  W8BYA EN70;  KC9BQA EN63;  WB9WOZ EN61;  N9NDP EN62;  W9YZU and KB9WZJ EM69;  WA9BNZ EN40;  N9LB EN52;  KC9GMF EN53;  N0IRS EM29;  K0JQA EN31;  W0HXL EN21;  KG0SJ EN22; W0ANH EN47 and VE3KRP EN58.

   Nice net report from KA0KYZ in EN33qw, far SE MN.  Terry had 18 check-ins, over a leisurely few hours from 9-11pm.   Guys who like to kick back, relax and enjoy some distraction-free radio time need to spread the word about KA0KYZ’s 144.230 net at 0200Z every Wednesday.   Plus you get the added bonus of better propagation as the night goes along.   
   The 17 check-ins were:  N9OLT EN64;  KC9BQA and K9KHW EN63;  W8BYA EN70;  N9NYA EN43;  WD9ITJ EN53;  KC9RJI EN41;  N0PB EM39;  N0IRS EM29;  KB0SPM, KB0UCO and KC0AAB EN33 — it’s good to see newer fellows in EN33 trying 2m SSB.  WB0YWW; KG0SJ and N0DQS EN22; W0HXL EN21, WV9S EN43 and KB9WZJ EM69. 
   Terry reported fair to good prop with rapid fading at times.  N0PB noticed severe flutter on Terry’s signal. 

    K8TQK on 144.250, in EM89je had 14 check-ins last night:   KD8OEK, AC8IS, KB8JNE/M, KC8YXA and WT8E all EM89;  VE3ZV EN92;  KC8YJB and K8GDT EN91;  VE3VII gets the DX award with a check-in from FN03;  N8WNA and K8JA EN82;  W8BYA EN70;  KB9HQF EN71;  KC9BQA EN63 (alternate DX-award, hihi).  

    2 things about the 144.240 net I can share right now.
    1)  I have the net next week — WB9LYH is unavailable.   Looks like I will have it on May 11th, also.  
   1a)  Duh, just remembered this morning that next Wed. is the 432 sprint.  My 432 has multiple problems, so I wouldn’t be able to sprint very well. 
          If I knew that running the net adversely affected the amount of 432 activity, I’d call next week’s net off in a heartbeat.  However, most guys tell me that’s not the case.   I guess I’ll take the 144.240 net and hopefully we can motivate the check-ins to play in the 432 sprint at the same time. 
    2)  Starting May 4th, we’re going to switch over to our summer hours.   This means we will start an hour later, at 0100Z, or 8pm central/9pm eastern.  That switch should stay in effect until sometime in September.  The reason we do this is that many guys are outside in the evening hours during long days with nice weather.

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