Tonight’s Long-Range 2m SSB Net Lineup

    The net info is below.  Because this is my website, I’m going to allow myself a short rant about the weather.  Skip it, if you don’t care.  🙂 

    If you’re not in the Upper Midwest, you can’t believe how depressing our weather is.  It’s 32F. this morning and I have about 2-3″ of snow/sleet on the ground.  It’s still lightly snowing and we’ll be lucky to get to 38 today.  More poor weather is due in Friday/Saturday.   This time they think it will be all rain.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they get more snow farther north and west. 
    Green Bay (about 60  miles north of me) had their biggest April snow ever, with 9.9″ yesterday.   Did I mention it’s April 20th??   They now have had 93″ on the season, which is the most in 121 years. 

     Back to ham radio —   
     Our long-range net controls plan to be ON this Wed. evening.  
    WB9LYH is on 144.240 from EN54cl at 0000Z or 7pm central/8pm eastern.    
    K8TQK is on 144.250 from EM89je at 0030Z or 7:30pm central/8:30pm eastern. 
    KA0KYZ is on 144.230 from EN33qw at 0200Z or 9pm central/10pm eastern.  
    If WB9LYH is unable to go tonight (say because his antennas are snowed or iced up), I will try to get on. 
    I’m sure there will be plenty of talk about the Spring Sprints.   Remember the next one is for the 432 MHz band, on Wed., April 27th, from 7-11pm your local time.  The full Sprint schedule is two posts down this page. 

    Remember there’s also a net out of the Cleveland, OH area on Wed. nights, at 9pm eastern on 144.230, hosted by K8ZWY, Jim, who’s in EN91kk, about 30 miles east of Cleveland.    I was able to get into it with very light copy last week, and Jim and I exchanged friendly emails.  They definitely enjoy DX-type check-ins. 

    I don’t think we have many readers toward FL or TX, but you should also be aware of nets from EL99 (0000Z) and EM13 (0200Z) on 144.250, every Wed. evening.   I’m confident that Wednesday nights have the most widespread 2m activity in the eastern 1/2 of the USA.   

    Remember, we’re always encouraging our net check-ins (and all 2m ops) to head down below 144.220 and call their own CQ’s.   Swing your beams and see who all is out there.   Do this any time you are near the rigs; not just on net nights.  Spread the activity in all directions, on multiple frequencies.   This is the best prescription for a healthy 2m band. 
    If you’re new and want more info about our Wed. night nets, it’s here:

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