Upcoming 222 and 432 Sprints + N0PB 144.250 and N4PZ 432.100 nets Tonight.

   1)  222 SPRING SPRINT IS TOMORROW NIGHT, TUES., APR. 19TH — 7-11PM your local time.    Spread the word and get the troops stirred up.   K0GEM/R has already announced plans to activate the Kansas City area grids again, like he did last week on 144.   Austin’s website is at:  http://www.k0gem.us/  NE8I/R intended to go out and activate EN64 and EN74 again.   Think KI4RIX also plans to activate EM97 again — exact mountaintop unknown.  I will not be on; my 222 hasn’t rotated (nor has 6m, or 432) since late last summer.  
    EDIT — 8:30am Tuesday morning.   WB8BZK/R has posted his plans for tonight.   Mike will be activating the same NW side of Chicago grids he did last Monday.    In his own words, “WB8BZK/R will be roving the Chicagoland area in the 222 Sprint contest this Tuesday, April 19.
    0000Z to 0040Z EN52xc in Palatine, IL
    0105Z to 0145Z EN62ad in Arlington Heights, IL
    0210Z to 0230Z EN51xx Elk Grove Village
    0245Z to 0315Z+ EN61ax in Wood Dale

    222.125 MHz 100W 4 el (M2 Loop while mobile)
    223.500 MHz 25W FM (Vertical)”

     Sorry to say the weather tomorrow night in much of the Midwest will be poor.  Snow is supposed to be flying in the north, and a severe weather outbreak threatens a large area from OK, AR and MO  northeast to IL, IN, KY and OH.    
     HOWEVER, there may be areas with enhanced propagation, especially in the warm sector ahead of lines of t-storms.  I enjoyed a UHF contest one August morning where there was a traffic jam on 432.100 between multiple WI/ILL stations working a pipeline down into MS, AL, KY and TN.   Talking 20 over signals and all the while, a line of loud thunderstorms was bearing down on my QTH.   Hated to disconnect the coax, but had to.  Got a bunch of good contacts in the log with that ducting.   
   1a)  222 TUESDAY UPDATE  —   If you are looking for 222 Tuesday info (the weekly, do-it-yourself national activity night for this band) click here:   http://kc9bqa.com/?p=4480    If you are interested in improving 222 Tuesday, then visit this post made last month:   http://kc9bqa.com/?p=4351   I have some helpful suggestions there.  
   2)   REMEMBER THE 432 SPRING SPRINT ON WED., APRIL 27 — 7-11PM your local time. 
   MICROWAVE SPRINT (902 MHz and up) ON SAT., MAY 7 — 6am-1pm your local time.  
   50 MHz SPRINT WILL BE FROM 2300Z SAT, MAY 14, UNTIL 0300Z SUN, MAY 15, 2011.

   3)  SPRING SPRINT WEBSITE HAS BEEN UPDATED.  The dates, times, rules, and log submission info are available at:  http://sites.google.com/site/springvhfupsprints/2011-announcement-rules   Please pass this info along to whomever you can think of. 
   4)  Your Spring Sprint logs are due 2 weeks after each sprint.  This means your 144 sprint log is due by April 26, 2011.  Visit that website above for full details.   

    144.250 AND 432.100 ACTIVITY EVERY MONDAY:
     N0PB in EM39 has repaired his yagis (storm damage back in early March).    This means his 144.250 SWOT net (see www.swotrc.net if you want more details about SideWindersOnTwo) is back at full strength.   Here’s how it works, in Phil’s own words:  “Net meets every Monday evening.  Early checkins on bigwheel at 7:45 PM CST 144.250 USB  Regular net at 8:00 PM CST preamble on bigwheels then switch to beam pointed South then go counter-clockwise.  South 8:00, East 8:15, North 8:30, West 8:45 and end South 9:00.  Sometimes a bit late due to activity.”
    Also remember that N4PZ in EN52gb (about a half hour WSW of Rockford, IL) calls a 432.100 net/activity period at 0100Z/8pm central time every Monday.  Steve runs at least a KW, plus 4 long yagis and when he peaks up on you, you really hear it.   Point your 432 beam toward EN52gb and be patient — wait to see what you hear as N4PZ rotates his  yagis and calls CQ.

One Response to “Upcoming 222 and 432 Sprints + N0PB 144.250 and N4PZ 432.100 nets Tonight.”

  1. Keith KA9RSL Says:

    Tentative plans for the 432 sprint are similar to our 2 meter rover. We plan to work the same grids again. We will be using the 432 version of the same antennas. Rig will again be the IC-7000. This time driving a 100 watt amp. Look for us again from EN71, EN61, EN70 and EN60 KA9RSL/R

    2 meter sprint summary.
    WE worked 25 stations, 12 grids. I don’t want to guarantee the distance score but if I didn’t make any big error we had a dx score of approximately 7290. I don’t know how that will compare to the other rovers but I was happy. WD9AKG had a great time on his first VHF contesting experience and wants to go with me again.