Wed. 2m Long-Range Nets 144.240 STARTS ONE HOUR LATER EFFECTIVE May 4th.

    Have several announcements, please take a moment to process them.  Also help us by spreading the word about the time change to your VHF/UHF buddies. 
    1)  The 144.240 net called by WB9LYH EN54cl (KC9BQA EN63ao alternate) will START AT 8PM CENTRAL TIME/9PM EASTERN/0100Z EFFECTIVE MAY 4TH.  This time change will remain in effect until at least September.  We do this because many hams are outside enjoying the nice weather and longer days in the summer.   We’ve found we have more check-ins if we start later in the summer. 
    2)   144.240 net control this week is KC9BQA.   I’m also taking the net on May 11th.   WB9LYH will be on May 4th. 
    3)   Please get on for the 432 Spring Sprint tomorrow night.  Full details are right below this post.  
     Our net controls tomorrow night:
    KC9BQA is on 144.240 from EN63ao at 0000Z or 7pm central/8pm eastern.    I start out looking north, and go clockwise a full 360 from there.   WB9LYH plans to be back on May 4th. 
    I also monitor the real-time V/UHF chat.   If you have internet near your rigs, get on board with the chat and keep track of who all is working each other and how net control is progressing.   7 simple steps to get signed up to that chat are at:   The chat room is free, no BS or losers, and available any time, day or night.   It’s for all USA/VE/XE hams on 2m and above.  
       K8TQK is on 144.250 from EM89je at 0030Z or 7:30pm central/8:30pm eastern — weather permitting.   Rough storms are forecast for much of MI, IN and OH tomorrow night.    If Bob can operate, he will start out looking north, and then go clockwise over the next 60 minutes or so. 
       KA0KYZ is on 144.230 from EN33qw at 0200Z or 9pm central/10pm eastern.  Terry has been getting good #’s of check-ins, and he loves his new preamp.   Stay up a bit later and look his way.   Terry starts out looking east, and then goes clockwise from there.   He is also in the chat and is happy to look your way, plus promote activity between other stations.

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