50 MHz Spring Sprint is Tomorrow Night — May 14th WELCOME to New Visitors

   Get on the air and enjoy the 6m Sprint Sat. evening.   It runs for 4 hours, from 2300Z-0300Z.  This is 6-10pm in the central time zone and 7-11pm in the eastern.   The 6m sprint uses GMT to get everyone in the USA on at the same time, to best take advantage of any E skip openings that occur.    The 6m sprint will be busy, regardless of whether the band opens up or not.   Many new guys have gravitated toward 6m.   If you have a moderate beam up at least 30-40′ and at least 50-100w out, you should be able to make groundwave contacts out to 100-200 miles.   Those of you with dipoles, omni loops and the like, let us know you’re out there.   Don’t just wait for E skip, call CQ and work those in your own region, too.
      http://sites.google.com/site/springvhfupsprints/2011-announcement-rules is the website for the Spring VHF and Up Sprints.

      If you need a link to the contest dates, websites and rules, click here:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=4624  Make sure to share that info with your radio friends.  

      IF YOU ARE A NEW VISITOR — welcome.   🙂    The reason I do this website is to encourage more activity on the SSB/CW portion of VHF and UHF amateur bands.    Take your time and scroll back a few pages.  At least scan thru each entry’s headlines and see what’s of  interest to you.   Think of this website as a VHF/UHF newspaper.  Read the paper a few times per week, and you’re up to speed. 

     IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR VARIOUS NETS/ON-AIR ACTIVITY — You’ve come to a good place.  If you go back to the posts between March 31 and April 2, you will find all the known (and current) nets within about 500 miles of SE WI.   There’s far more activity on weak-signal V/UHF than is commonly thought.  The trick is to know when/where to find it.
     I WOULD ESPECIALLY DIRECT YOUR ATTENTION to a newer net on 144.205, 7 mornings per week.  This 144.205 activity is spreading like wildfire across much of the eastern and southern parts of the USA.   Click on this link for great info from the net control himself, KA1ZE in FN01xt  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=4582   There’s directions there to get on KA1ZE’s email list, and Stan will be happy to add you.

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