Post Your June VHF Contest Plans Here (June 11-12)

   ARRL June VHF QSO Party is in 2 weekends.  In the central time zone, it runs from 1pm Sat, June 11th until 10pm Sun, June 12th.    All bands from 6m (50 MHz) right on up thru 144, 222, 432 and into the microwaves (900, 1296, 2304, 3456, 5.7, 10 Gig, etc) are in play.  

   Here’s the link to the ARRL rules and info:   

   This has been created by W0UC in EN44.  I’m sharing it with his permission.  Thanks Paul.  
   Do not ask me questions about this; I’m simply the messenger.  I have no idea how to create or administer a Google Spreadsheet.  
   What I do know is it’s a great idea to help promote more activity in the contests.   It’s very motivating to see dozens of hams who will be on, making the airwaves come alive.   Even if you just have a limited station or plan to be on for only a few hours, post your plans.    There’s several different ways to display the data if you click on the tabs at the bottom.   Don’t forget the rover link.  Good to see a few rovers already planning to go out; hope we’ll see many more get on board.
    I know this website has visitors from all over the USA.   I appreciate every visit because I want better V/UHF activity everywhere.  BUT… when it comes to using this spreadsheet, I think it’s better if you post plans only if you’re in about a 500-mile circle from WI.   That’s not a hard and fast rule; simply a friendly guideline that takes into account typical range of 2 well-equipped stations on 2m, without any special enhancement. 
    If you wish you could post to this sheet but you’re well beyond range, consider this:   Create your own activity spreadsheet and promote it in your part of the country.  What W0UC has done here really helps.  Imagine if the Northeast, the Mid-Atlantic, the Deep South, the Western Plains and Rockies each did their own sheets.  

    Want to know more about the ins and outs of a VHF contest?  Here’s a great resource:  I wrote those VHF Contesting School articles and am very proud of them.  No, they’re not for those in a hurry.  It’ll take an hour or two to read and absorb the info.  That’s why I broke things down into bite-sized pieces.   You have my permission to share VHF Contesting School with hams everywhere.  The whole point of the articles is to help get any ham, anywhere comfortable with sitting in front a rig and calling “CQ Contest”.
    Remember that 6m and 2m are the bread-and-butter VHF contest bands.  Easily 50% of all activity takes place on those two bands.  It’s fine if you don’t have 222, 432 and on up.  We’ll gladly take your contest points from your 6m and 2m station.   You just may get hooked and decide to add bands later.

    Summer is easily the busiest time on the VHF/UHF bands.  If you want a contest calendar, click here:

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