Sunday Night Activity from MN and W MI.

    This post was originally made back on April 2.  
    I haven’t posted the Sunday night on-air activity for some weeks now.   If you only visit a few times per month, it pays to scroll back and catch up.   But most guys (me included) are in a hurry and just want a quick look at the headlines.  That’s why I frequently repeat prior information.  

   NLRS (Northern Lights Radio Society) out of Minnesota has active nets on Sunday nights.  For years now, K0SIX on 50.175 at 8:30pm central time, from EN35di has been a strong, reliable 6m net control.  Same with KA0PQW on 144.260 at 9pm central time, from EN33iu.  I know Vince and Matt personally and can vouch that they are looking for activity across a wide area.  Stop by and say hello.  (By the way, that 144.260 is not a typo.  The NLRS 2m net is on 144.260)   
    EDIT — May 22nd — Looks like KA0KYZ is often an alternate net control on 144.260, same time, same grid, so thanks Terry for pitching in. 
   **More good news** –  Starting in April, K0SHF Lenny stepped up to call a 432.120 net from EN34jv, from 7:45-8:15pm.  I have this news off the NLRS email reflector.  If you’d like more regular 432 activity, then point toward the Twin Cities on Sunday nights and  support their efforts.   K0SHF emailed to say that he has 100w on 432 and he will listen hard to the east.   I know Lenny wants widespread 432 activity, just like N4PZ does on 432.100 (from EN52gb) on Monday nights at 8pm central. 
    The NLRS website also lists a 222.120 net called every Sunday from 8:15-8:30pm called by N0KP in EN34gt. 

    Speaking of the NLRS website, it’s undergone a nice-looking facelift.  Looks like someone’s put in a lot of time updating it.  Visit   I hope their old links to Rovermania! aren’t gone forever.  That Rovermania info was incredibly motivating to me, and I’m sure many others felt the same way.   The scuttlebutt is that over time, NLRS has become mostly a 10 gig club.   If you’re into 10 gigging, you’d best bookmark the NLRS site

    6m and 2m activity out of SW Michigan.  
    Sunday             8:00 P.M.      50.150 USB     N8QEM    (EN72au)
    Sunday             8:30 P.M.     144.155 USB    K8NFT     (EN62ws)
    Those times are also central.

    EDIT  EDIT  — Dec. 2, 2011.  I’ve just learned that the 50.150 net is no longer on the air.   I read email from N8UYC that says N8QEM has sold his ham equipment.  So scratch the 50.150 net out of EN72 on Sunday evenings.

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