Thursday, Friday and Saturday Activity

    A big goal of this website is to make V/UHF’ers aware of their options.  Many times, if we can steer a newer guy to times and frequencies where he will hear activity, it keeps him motivated. 
   Thursday night has had widespread activity for some years now.   You have N9JBW with his Q5 net out of EN61, south side of Chicago, at 0000Z/7pm central.   Nice signal and a friendly group.  They’re on 144.220.  
   Also at 0000Z/8pm eastern on Thursdays, you have AB8XG calling his SWOT net (stands for SideWindersOnTwo, see from EM89, SE Ohio. 
    If you want more detail about these two nets, click here:

    On the FM Simplex side, WV9E in EN43, just north of La Crosse, WI has been calling an active net for over a year now.  This net is on 146.460, every Thursday at 0130Z/8:30pm central time.  The EN43/La Crosse area has gotten a lot of new ops on the air and WV9E and W9RPM have spearheaded the effort.  They have a vertical beam they can turn toward you if you email them ahead of time to let them know you are out there.   Email WV9E, or visit his website 

    Fridays and Saturdays have both 2m and 6m SSB activity out of Ohio.   Click this link and you’ll have all the details.  

    I’ll try to remember to make a post in the next few days about Sunday evening activity out of both Michigan and Minnesota.   Or you can check out the Minnesota activity by visiting and once there, clicking on the “nets” link on the left.  The NLRS website recently was updated and the info there is current.

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