SMIRK Contest This Weekend — 48 Hours — 6m Only

  Some of you here may know about SMIRK (Six Meter International Radio Klub).    Their website is at   There’s plenty of solid tips on how to operate 6m SSB/CW there; spend some time at the website and become a smarter 6m operator.  

   The annual SMIRK 6m contest is from 0000Z June 18th — 2400Z June 19th.   In other words, from 7pm Friday night until 7pm Sunday night, central time.   I did join SMIRK (dues are $6.00, get it?) some years back and you can too.    You do NOT have to be a SMIRK member to enjoy 6m, or to hand out contacts this weekend.  SMIRK’s simply a friendly, well-established group of 6m lovers who has helped promote good operating practices for many years now.   Someone’s also spiffed up their website considerably — looks good. 
   Had to look up my SMIRK #, which is 6629.    If I forget it again, I can look it up here.   

   Again, you do not have to be a SMIRK member to enjoy the contest this weekend.   We want to work anyone on 6m, SMIRK or otherwise.   Full details are on their website.   Direct link to the rules: 
   For you newer guys, this is good practice for the July 17-18 CQ WW VHF Contest — 6 and 2m only.   I talked about the other summer VHF/UHF contests in more detail, scroll down this page to a June 14 post called, “Sounds like it was a Great June Contest… Also Looking Forward to the Other Summer Contests”   The info in that post may help you with the ins and outs of each contest.

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