Well, I didn’t end up spending nearly as much time in the shack for this contest as I had hoped.  I was on from basically 7:30am-noon on Sunday.  With that limited time, I wanted to get a sense of how the contest was for others.   I wasn’t on to make a big score or to work everyone in a 360 — just not enough time.    I tend to be all-or-nothing about contests.  If I’m on; I’m on big-time.  If something goes wrong, or gets in the way, then I get cranky and it loses its appeal.   
   I was glad everything’s working fine on 6m and 2m.  In fact, with many stations in normal “groundwave” range (roughly 150-300 miles with yagis on both ends), their 6m signals were a little louder than their 2m ones.  Not sure if that was part of the enhancement, or if my 2m system is slipping, or just what.  

   Other things I heard (or have read via email)…
   1)  Virtually no E skip on 6m on Saturday.  Decent openings on 6m on Sunday.  I was working New England and then the Mid-Atlantic. 
Too bad the bulk of the Es wasn’t on Saturday — it would have captured more ops’ attention, overall.  There’s definitely a tendency for casual operators to tune in for a time and if they don’t hear any fireworks, they can lose interest.  
   2)  There was good tropo to the west of WI on Sat. night and at least Sunday morning.  In some places, the opening is still going.   NLRS guys talking this morning about hearing beacons in ND and VE-4-land that they don’t hear often.  I was talking up  potential band enhancement as far back as July 13th, near the bottom of this post:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=4979  Hepburn Tropo Forecast Maps have looked enticing for 6-7 days now.  http://www.dxinfocentre.com/ 
   3)  Many guys I talked to Sunday morning said this was the best activity they’d ever heard from NE and IA.  One said he worked more NE stations than he did EN34 (metro Minneapolis/St. Paul).  I tip my hat to everyone who is making things happen in NE and IA. 
   4)  W9RM in EN52 said that as of late Saturday morning, he had worked 56 different grids on 2m.  Jay has a very nice station and many years of experience, but that sounded like a lot of grids to me.  His opinion was that overall activity levels were very good, which is good news.  Everything I do with the emails, this website, the V/UHF promotion… is to improve activity levels on the air. 
   5)  I wilted in the heat of my shed on Sunday afternoon.  That was weird; I typically have enjoyed hot weather thru the years.    Suppose this is another sign of aging, gosh dangit.   In the 2006 CQ WW VHF, it was well above 90 and humid, and I was on for all 27 hours, plus we went to a fun party (no air conditioning either) after the contest was done.   I’d hate to think I’ve slipped that much, as I cruise thru my 40’s! 

    My score was about 5,300, if I recall correctly.  Too lazy to power up the laptop and check right now.  I saw where K2DRH made a really nice score — 169,242.  Bob had 500 Q’s across 140 grids on 50 MHz , and 171 Q’s across 61 grids on 144 MHz.:

One Response to “CQ WW VHF Wrap-Up”

  1. Dave Says:

    You were right about 6 meters being louder on ground wave, or
    whatever mechanism it was, than on 2 in some directions. Several
    of us mentioned that as we wasted precious contest time… at times.

    I’ll have a write up on my blog soon. 2 being open the last couple
    nites has kept me listening and not typing…

    Dave, WV9E