COMPREHENSIVE Listing of Weekly Nets in a Wide Area Surrounding WI.

   I know we get new visitors here often.  I always hope the visitors are patient, because this is definitely not a bells-and-whistles kind of website.  You get the most out of this website if you take time to scroll back thru a variety of posts, and get a feel for how things are (allegedly) organized here. 
   What you DO get here is consistent, frequent promotion of on-air V/UHF activity.   The message here is  Get On The Air.   

   EDIT — October 17, 2013
   Before you read any farther down the page, I can save you a bunch of time and steer you to updated info.   Instead of going thru this piecemeal info below, make your life easier and simply visit posts I’ve made at dated Oct. 13th, Oct. 15th and Oct. 17th, 2013.  Those posts have updated net/activity info for all 7 nights of the week.   You are free to share this info with hams everywhere.  In fact, you are ENCOURAGED to share it.  🙂 

    Allow me to point out some net and activity options that have slid far off the “front page”.   
    MONDAYS YOU HAVE 432.100 ACTIVITY COURTESY OF N4PZ, JUST SW OF ROCKFORD, IL, EN52gb.  More details are here:    You also have a friendly net control with great range from EM39, north-central MO.  Talking N0PB Phil, who gets on 144.250 from 7:45-9pm, central time.  This net has been running for close to 10 years now and gets a lot of check-ins.   

   TUESDAYS HAVE ACTIVITY ON 2M AND 6M FROM EN72, KALAMAZOO, MI AREA.   PLUS A NEWER 2M NET FROM EM66gl on 144.225 at 0100Z, with WU5E as net control.   More details here:  
   EDIT:  Nov. 23, 2011.  I never hear anything about the WU5E net which makes me think it’s no longer on the air.  If anyone can confirm it IS on, let me know and I’ll give it another plug. 
   ALSO EVERY 1ST AND 3RD TUESDAY 2M NET ON 144.190 FROM EM26 AT 0100z.  Details here:
   EDIT:  Jan. 4, 2012.   I now see that this net meets *every* Tuesday.  This is from K5SW Sam himself, via the VHF reflector (
   EDIT Part II — Jan 4, 2012.  Last night I got email about a “local” 6m net every Tuesday at 8pm out of Omaha, NE.   N0QEI emailed me and said a growing group has been meeting on 50.200 every Tuesday at 8pm for the past 2 months.   If I get more details (who net control is, where/when they look certain directions) I will post them here. 



   FRIDAYS, A NEWER 2M NET OUT OF EM34 OR EM45 ARKANSAS ON 144.230 AT 0100z.  Details here:

   I grouped those nets above because most of them are out of normal range for readers in WI.  So they make excellent tropo targets or beacons, and of course, we’re in the best time of year for tropo openings.   If you’re visiting here from well beyond WI, welcome and help spread the word in your own area about on-air activity.  It’s very hard to keep hams interested in the weak-signal side of V/UHF (SSB and CW modes) if they don’t hear signals from time to time. 

    I am not interested in becoming a nationwide list of all on-air activity.  Someone ought to create one; it would be a great idea.  But I’m weak with organizing things into neat and tidy databases, so I’m not the right guy.  

    In addition to these more distant nets, there’s plenty of regular good activity in/near the Midwest/Great Lakes.  
   The top link in this post covers Mondays. 
   Wednesdays, I’m always yapping about Wednesdays because that’s our night. 
   EDIT — Nov. 23, 2011 — In addition to our 144.240 (WB9LYH EN54cl @7pm Central) and 144.250 (K8TQK EM89je @8:30pm Eastern) nets, here are other options on Wednesday:
  1)  EN91kk, Cleveland OH, K8ZWY starting at 0100Z/9pm eastern on 144.230.   
  2)  EL99ld, Daytona Beach FL, W2RAC/W1LVL, starting at 0000Z on 144.250.
  3)  EM13, near Ft. Worth, TX, W5FKN, starting at 0200Z on 144.250.    Starts south, goes counter-clockwise.
  4)  In early Nov. 2011, I learned about a net out of EN93, about an hour west of Toronto.  I’m going off a dim memory of what was told to me in the chat.   It’s a newer net, and I think it’s on 144.210.  If I hear the details again, I’ll firm them up here. 

   Thursdays, I promote often, but here’s the link in case you don’t have it already:
   Fridays and Saturdays feature 2m and 6m activity out of OH:
   EDIT —  Feb. 2, 2012 — The 50.170 6m Net called by KD8IME in EN71 every Saturday now starts at 7pm eastern, not 8pm. 
   Sunday evenings are active on multiple bands, from MN and MI:

    If I’m missing something in the Midwest that is active, welcomes everyone and is looking for more than the same 4 or 5 check-ins every week, by all means let me know.  Talking wide-range, SSB/CW nets or activities on 6m, 2m, 222, 432.

   FINALLY — WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW ABOUT THE SINGLE-MOST EXCITING ACTIVITY, 7 MORNINGS PER WEEK, ON 144.205 (it’s actually expanding to other nearby frequencies now, as of Dec. 2011).  

   EDIT — EDIT — EDIT  October, 2013
   I should have updated this long ago.  KA1ZE has been off with the 144.205 MorningGroup for months now.  While there is still some 144.205 activity, it’s not nearly what it used to be.  That’s too bad, because it shouldn’t take someone like KA1ZE to “make things happen”.  Kudos to the guys out east who still get on 144.205 in the mornings.  KA1ZE has hinted at coming back for the fall/winter of 2013-14.  I’d keep an eye on and see if anything happens. 

   This is the 144.205 (and nearby) morning group, hosted by KA1ZE/3 and made better with a group of dozens, stretching all across the Eastern USA. 
   This activity group is so good, you have to read more about it in a separate post —  That post has everything you need to know.  Get familiar with the .205 morning group and get involved.  They’re a friendly group that is always looking to expand their circle of activity.
   If you have questions, or want to observe what they do, follow them in the chat room.  They use the IARU Region 2 chat for 144-432 MHz every single morning, from about 1200-1230Z for at least the next hour or two, sometimes longer.   You could ask questions of them directly in the chat, or ask one of their stations to turn your way to pick you up.  That’s how they keep expanding the activity, by being friendly and available.
   Or if you are on Twitter, then go to “205MorningGroup”.

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