Net Reports — WB9LYH Has 24 Check-ins and KA0KYZ 14

   Thanks Mark and Terry for getting the net reports to me via email.  Website visitors tell me they appreciate the reports, so thanks for making it convenient for me.  
   As mentioned in a pre-net update last night, K8TQK was called away and his net was quiet last night.  Hope there was activity out of his region, anyway.  

   WB9LYH said that propagation last night was up and down to his east, and good to the west.  His 24 contacts were:   N9OLT EN64;  N8WNA and VE3LPY EN82;  KI8UM EN63;  N9NDP EN62;  N9JBW and K9CCL EN61;  W9GA and KC9GMF EN53;  W9YZU EM69;  W9BBP and WA9BNZ EN40;  K9CT EN50;  KA9DVX EN51;  KD0FEI and N0IRS EM29;  KG0SJ and KD0BQK EN22;  W0HXL EN21;  N0WJY EN10;  K9MU EN44;  KC0RQH and K0SIX EN35;  W0ANH EN47.  
   KA0KYZ said last night didn’t have the strong tropo of previous nights, but he did notice some mild enhancement.  Terry’s 14 check-ins were:  N9OLT EN64;  N9NYA EN43;  K0SIX, KC0YBM and KC0RHQ EN35;  N0IRS and KD0FEI EM29;  N0DQS and KG0SJ EN22;  W0HXL EN21;  N0WJY EN10;  W0ANH EN47;  KB0UCO EN33 and WB9LYH EN54. 

   I saw some good news at the chat site — There were at least 74 USA/VE visitors to the IARU Region 2 Chat for 144-432 MHz in the 24 hours ending 10pm last night.  That’s a strong number; hopefully that trend will continue.

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