Next Contest is ARRL UHF — August 6-7th

   Next contest is the ARRL August UHF on Aug 6-7th.  24 hours, from 1800Z Sat. until 1800Z Sun.  All bands from 222 and 432 MHz on up thru the microwaves and beyond.   No 6 or 2m; this is the UHF contest.    Who’s going out roving for this one?  
    Here’s the ARRL webpage:   Here’s a post or two I’ve made about the UHF contest:  (UHF chit chat is in the middle).   Also visit this post if you care to

   If you need more info about V/UHF contesting, please visit my series of articles called VHF Contesting School.  The direct link to everything is here:   You are welcome to share this info with hams everywhere. 

    If we have tropo anything close to what we had this weekend, it will be a great UHF contest.  Often times, tropo is better, db for db on the higher bands.   Even if all you have is 70cm, make plans to get on/near 432.100 USB and make some calls.  If all you have is 446.00 FM, give it a try.  90% of the activity is on the SSB side, using horizontally polarized yagis, though.  One place where an FM’er should be able to make some contacts is on 223.500 MHz FM.   Unfortunately, SSB gear for 222 is hard to come by.  Nobody makes anything commercially available in the US.  You have to use a transverter (Google is your friend) or you can find an old Yaesu FT-726 or 736R.  Make sure the one you’re interested in has the 222 band module already in it.  
    My fingers are crossed that 222, 432, 902 and 1296 are all working FB in my shack out in the shed.  I know everything’s rotating properly now and that’s a huge improvement from the past year.

   EDIT, EDIT — 10:30am Wed.   Forgot to repost the Google spreadsheet link where we want Midwest/Great Lakes stations to post their UHF Contest plans.  Thanks to W0UC in EN44 for creating these the past year or two.   If you’re within about 300-400 miles of WI, share your plans here:   We want to hear from rovers and fixed stations. 
   If you are outside the Midwest/Great Lakes, consider doing your own spreadsheets.

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