NW WI WIVUCH Activity Planned for Sunday Night — W9RPM Now Has 69 WIVUCH Counties (out of 72 Total)

   I have good news to share from W9FZ Bruce.   Right now, he’s planning to go /R Sunday evening.   He will be activating difficult WIVUCH counties in far NW WI — Burnett, Washburn and Sawyer counties.  We’re going to have a very exciting WIVUCH announcement soon, perhaps this month.  

   If you have no idea what WIVUCH stands for, you’re not alone.  🙂   It stands for WIsconsin Vhf/Uhf County Hunters award.  If you take 5 minutes to visit www.wivuch.com, you’ll get the hang of what we’re trying to do. 
  Think of it this way:   Hams try hard to get the VUCC award from ARRL  (at least 100 grids worked on bands like 6 and 2m)  Well… why not take that concept down to the individual county level in a given state?   That’s what we’ve been doing the past year and a half with WIVUCH.  (Pronounced WEE-VOOCH)  
   All are welcome to work toward the WIVUCH certificate — whether you are a Wisconsin resident or from another state.   The base level for getting a nice certificate is 20 counties for fixed stations and activating10 counties as a rover or hilltopper.   Again, visit www.wivuch.com for the full scoop.  

   I’m excited to announce that we have a ham who has worked 69 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties, which is something I never dreamed would happen so soon.   The WI counties W9RPM still needs on VHF are Burnett, Green Lake and Kewaunee.   W9RPM just worked Racine Co. for #68 yesterday morning, with N9AC on 6m CW. 
   More about W9RPM’s quest next week…

   Below is the QST from W9FZ about the WIVUCH counties he will activate this Sunday:

I’ve decided to do Burnett, Washburn, and Sawyer on Sunday evening.
Three per evening is all about that fits.  Not too long of a drive
from county-to-county.  I’ll save Douglas, Bayfield, and Ashland for
another evening probably in August or Sept.

I’ll post again later with the expected times.  144.190

These six that I mention will be a CHALLENGE to SE Wisc.  But let’s
try, ok?  It’s not like a contest where everything is in a hurry. We
can bang away for a while.

Bruce Richardson W9FZ/R

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