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W9FZ/R’s Plans to Activate 4 WIVUCH Counties Friday Night

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

  3:50pm Wednesday — YES, THE 2M NETS ARE ON TONIGHT.  AT LEAST K8TQK ON 144.250 AND WB9LYH ON 144.240 ARE.   Net details for tonight are two posts below this one.  

  I’m reposting (with his permission) an email W9FZ sent to the NLRS and BC reflectors earlier today. 

“Hey, I know you’ll get plenty of VHF on the weekend with the CQ-VHF contest.   But if you aren’t busy with a Fish Fry and Horseshoes on
Friday night, consider getting a bit of VHF fun while I activate four Northern Wisconsin Counties.   I wanted to do Thursday but I think
Friday will have less rain.
We don’t have to exchange counties during our contacts, but I like to if we can and sigs are strong enough.  On CW, I’ll often use a 3-letter abbreviation of the county.  But if sigs are real weak, we’ll just exchange grids.

I have not located my (exact) spots yet.   And there will be a bit more driving involved than the other two recent WIVUCH activity nights.  While I’m driving/relocating, I hope you all will work each other, ragchew, and poke out in other directions to see what you can find.

I’m expecting only an hour (per county) will be needed to work those who are on the air and looking.

Friday evening July 15th  Calling on 144.190  (carry to 50.190, 222.100, and 432.100 for band-counties)
2200Z – 2300Z  Florence County SW corner of county
0000Z – 0100Z  Forest County  SW of Crandon
0130Z – 0230Z  Langlade County  N of Antigo
0300Z – 0400Z  Oneida County SE corner of county

I won’t start earlier than 22Z and if I can get ahead of schedule, I will.   I don’t want to keep all of us up too late if it’s not necessary.

To my mind, the WIVUCH program is perfect for the experienced, long-time VHF’er who already has all the grids worked.  Collecting counties gives you a reason to get back on the air and have some increased activity.   

Thanks and I’ll be looking for you on the air.   I’ll be chirping (w9fz-15 and puppy dog symbol) APRS and you can follow me at:

Bruce Richardson W9FZ/R”

W9FZ/R To Activate N WI Counties, Probably Friday. REMEMBER — CQ WW VHF Contest This Weekend

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

  Received good news tonight from W9FZ Bruce, who plans on activating WIVUCH counties in far North-Central WI on probably Friday night.   Bruce will put out a more formal announcement tomorrow, and I’ll pass it along here. 

   For now, wanted readers to know they should get ready to work W9FZ in WI counties such as:  Iron, Vilas, Oneida, Forest, Florence and Lincoln.   Bruce plans on having his full rover, which for him means 6m, 2m and all the bands right up to 2304 MHz. 

   All VHF’ers are welcome to play along and help W9FZ create activity.   You won’t meet a nicer ham on the air than W9FZ, so spread the word with confidence. 

   If you don’t know what WIVUCH is, visit   WIVUCH stands for Wisconsin V/UHF County Hunters Award.  Work at least 20 different WI counties on any/all V/UHF bands, and get your initial certificate.  (Rovers only need to activate 10 counties to get their award).   Again, you can find full info about WIVUCH at the website —  
   If you want more info about W9FZ’s WIVUCH roves in June, visit these posts: (June 15) and  (June 19)

   It also sounds like W9FZ will be out roving in this weekend’s CQ WW VHF Contest.   Grids, counties and times to be determined later. 
   I gotta tell you VHF’ers, it’s beginning to look like we could get into some nice tropo conditions either late Saturday or into Sunday.  Lots of heat and humidity is going to build into the Midwest, so stay tuned to the forecasts.   This contest may end up having great band enhancement.

    If you don’t already know about the contest this weekend, here’s the link:    6m and 2m only, so not a lot of bandswitching and 6m is often wide open with sporadic Es to all parts of the US, VE, XE and sometimes the Caribbean or the world.    Please visit the June 28th post at the bottom of this front page, if you want more info.   Also visit a July 6th post, which has a link to a Google spreadsheet where you are encouraged to post your contest plans.

Long-Range Nets *ON* Wed. Night — please note that KA0KYZ on 144.230 will be *OFF*

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

    We’ve had great nets and band conditions the last 2 Wednesdays.  Optimistic that we’ll make it 3 for 3 this week.  
    To keep things short here, I’ll refer you halfway down this page to the July 6th post.  Full info is there if you need it. 

    The one change for this Wed. is that KA0KYZ won’t be doing his 144.230 net as it looks like he will be out of town. 

    So say hello to K8TQK in EM89je, on 144.250, starting at 0030Z. 
    Also say hello to WB9LYH in EN54cl, on 144.240, starting at 0100Z.

    Remember we always encourage all VHF’ers to create their own activity at any time.  Don’t rely on nets and net controls to provide activity.  Get on at any time, call CQ, swing your beams around and see who’s out there.   We especially encourage “looking around” on Wed. nights.  Dozens of ops from multiple states and grids are on.  If they all took a little time to spread out across the band, and call CQ, we’d have the kind of activity that old-timers say was common 20, 30, 40 years ago.

Activity on 2m Every Thursday — SSB and FM

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

    Long-time readers have this info already.  But I know we get newcomers all the time.  Thursdays are a good night to enjoy activity. 
    On the FM side, you have a long-running Simplex net hosted by WV9E in EN43,  in Onalaska, WI, just north of La Crosse.  This is a friendly ragchew net, and all are welcome.  The freq. is 146.460 and they get started at 0130Z, or 8:30pm central.   They do have a vertical beam they can put to use if they know ahead of time where to look.  Contact Dave thru his website if you want them to look your way.  They’ll be happy to help. 
   Tonight — July 7th — they will try out a 6m frequency, too.   You’ll have to tune into the 146.460 portion to find out where they will be headed on 6m. 

    On the SSB side Thursday nights, you have two good, established nets you can count on.    
    N9JBW has been calling the friendly Q5 net on 144.220 for many years now.   John starts up at 0000z or 7pm central from EN61, south side of Chicago.  He starts out looking east and then goes clockwise from there.  
   AB8XG calls a SWOT net (SideWindersOnTwo — see on 144.250 from EM89, SE Ohio.   Kenny also starts at 0000Z, every Thursday evening. 
   That’s the short story.   For those who enjoy more detail, click on this link:

    Help spread the word about these nets, and help create more RF on the bands.   We can attract new weak-signal VHF ops if they know where and when to tune their rigs for activity.

7/6 Net Reports — 55 Total Check-ins and WB9LYH has 31

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

   Want to thank our net controls for getting on the air and promoting widespread activity.  Also grateful for the net reports they’ve emailed me.  
   WB9LYH probably had his busiest net ever.  I can’t recall him having 31 check-ins before.   EDIT — 7:15am Thursday — Actually, just looking thru net logs from the 2nd half of 2010, I see multiple weeks where either Mark or I had 31, 32, 33 and once, even 34 check-ins. 

   K8TQK is now on the chat, which is great news.  Bob emailed to say that his 144.250 net had 10 check-ins:  N8WNA EN82;  K8WW EN81;  KB9HQF and KC8ZJL EN71;  W3BFC FM18;  W8WG EM89;  KI4ROF EM55;  KR8T EN72;  W8AC and K8GDT EN91. 

   WB9LYH  simply had this to say, “What a great net!”  His 31 check-ins were:   N9OLT and K8SB EN64;  W8YXT, N9YK and KC8ZJL EN71;  KI8UM and W9KHH EN63;  KR8T and W8CJS EN72;  W0BM EN33;  K9KEU and W9REL EN52;  N9JBW and K9CCL EN61;  W0ANH EN47;  KC9HBO and W9GA EN53;  K8TQK EM89;  N8DJB EN81;  KA9DVX EN51;  W9BBP EN40;  N0TTW EN32;  KG0SJ, KD0BQK and N0HXN EN22;  N9JRN and WV9E EN43;  W0HXL EN21;  K0SIX EN35;  KC0TRX EN34 and WB0ULX EN04, Lloyd near Huron, SD.  
   Mark was very pleased to hear from WB0ULX.  We’ve been emailing everyone we can think of out that way, to let them know we have strong net controls looking west every Wednesday.  

  I see several new calls in Mark’s report.  At least they’re new to this 2m SSB net.  Welcome to W8YXT, W8CJS, W0BM, N9JRN, KD0BQK and N0HXN.  I like to tease our net controls that each check-in is a nickle in their (mythical) pay envelope.  But new all-time check-ins are worth a buck-two-eighty so Mark really cleaned up last night!   
  Seriously, it’s great to have so many new voices on the weak-signal side of VHF.   Three things get me excited with these nets:  1)  Lots of check-ins;  2)  New hams to 2m SSB and 3)  DX. 

   KA0KYZ had 14 check-ins last night to his 144.230 net at 0200Z/9pm central time.  They were:  N9OLT EN64;  KG0SJ, N0HXN and KD9BQK EN22;  N0TTW EN32;  KA0JW EN34;  KD0FEI EM29;  W0HXL EN21;  W0ANH EN47;  W0BM EN33;  K0SIX and KC0YBM EN35;  KC0TRX EN34 and KB9WZJ gets the DX award from EM69, Indianapolis area.  That’s a nice haul on 2m SSB, Indy to Rochester, MN.

Great News — Google Spreadsheets for Posting Your July CQ WW VHF and August ARRL UHF Plans

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

   W0UC Paul in EN44 has come through again.   I have links today to working Google spreadsheets where V/UHF’ers can post their plans to get on for these popular and active contests.   I know nothing about the Google spreadsheets, but I can publicize.  That’s what I am —  the town crier. 


   The goal with these two spreadsheets below is NOT to create a nationwide database.  IF YOU’RE WITHIN NORMAL RANGE OF WI, SAY ABOUT 400 MILES, please post your plans.   If you’re outside this circle, consider doing something similar for your own region.  It would be a great boost for contest activity if every part of the USA had places to post V/UHF contest plans.  
   If you aren’t the type to post your plans,  simply make some time to get on the air, call CQ contest and work those you hear.  And PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD.  There’s only 10 days until the CQ WW VHF Contest, so let’s get moving, TODAY. 

   CQ ROVERS, CQ ROVERS, CQ ROVERS — Who’s going out for these contests?   Remember rovers, that you have a separate tab on the lower left with these spreadsheets.   Again, with these particular spreadsheets, we’re trying to keep the focus on a 400 or so mile circle surrounding WI. 

    Link to CQ WW VHF Contest Spreadsheet (July 16-17) is here:

   Link to the ARRL August UHF Contest Spreadsheet (Aug 6-7) is here:

Wed. Long-Range 2m Nets are ON. Can We Top Last Week?

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

   The June 29th nets had the best band conditions of the summer.  Here’s hoping this is the start of a trend.  

   K8TQK in EM89je, south-central OH is on 144.250 every Wed. at 0030/8:30pm eastern.  Bob starts out looking north, then goes clockwise a full 360.    K8TQK is one of the strongest V/UHF signals out there.   When I draw a circle 400-600 miles from south-central OH, I easily include 2 dozen states and a pair of Canadian provinces. 

   WB9LYH is in EN54cl, right in the middle of WI.  Mark is on 144.240 every Wed. at 0100/9pm central (our summer hours).  He starts out looking northeast into the U.P. of MI and then goes a full 360 over the next hour or so.    Mark also has 400-500 mile range.   With enhancement, it’s even farther.  Read last week’s net report if you haven’t already.  K4XR in EM64, northern AL made the path to WB9LYHin central WI. 

   KA0KYZ is in EN33qw, far SE MN.  Terry is on 144.230 @0200Z/9pm central.  He starts out looking east and goes clockwise from there.   Terry had a wonderful net last week — his most active ever.   Like K8TQK and WB9LYH, Terry has good antennas, power and a great QTH.  We’re very fortunate to have three hams who will help promote activity every week, from different states, on different freqs., at different times.  

   ABOUT THE ON4KST.COM REAL-TIME VHF/UHF CHAT  –   Your net controls are in the chat room, (trying, at least) to keep track of any messages or reports of DX.   If you have a computer and internet near your rigs, get in the habit of monitoring this free and fun chat.  You want the “IARU Region 2 Chat for 144-432 MHz”.   If you want more info about this VHF/UHF resource, click here:  If you want the 7 simple steps for getting signed up, click here:
    Again, this chat is free, and available anytime, for all hams.   Well over 2000 VHF/UHF’ers have registered from all parts of the USA and VE-land.  The room is open 24 hours a day and most active in the evenings and on weekends.   Check it out and tell a friend.  When using the room, post what you’re hearing and who you’re working.  This helps everyone.