222 Sprint ON Tuesday Evening, Sept. 27th, 7-11pm in your time zone.

   Don’t forget about the Fall Sprints — all the info is here:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=5222
   We had a lot of fun with the 2 meter sprint last Monday, with very good participation in and near WI and ILL.  

   Tomorrow night is the 1.25 meter sprint.  The majority of the action will be near 222.100 MHz, using horizontally-polarized yagis with higher gain.   Most guys on 222 SSB are using either transverters or a Yaesu FT-736R or 726R, with the optional 222 band module.  *However* because of the lack of commercially-available gear for 222 MHz SSB, you will also have ops tomorrow night who will be trying to make contacts using their FM rigs.  The bulk of this activity will be on 223.500 MHz, simplex.  There is no contesting on repeaters.
   I make more FM contacts on 223, than on any other band in a V/UHF contest.  Even with my being cross-polarized to the FM stations, I manage to get into the Chicago area, about a 100-120 mile path. 
   Hope we’ll have lots of 222’ers on tomorrow night.  It’s a fantastic band with lower noise and (estimated) 20% better propagation, db for db, than 2m.  I wish everyone had and used 222. 

   The 432 Sprint will be next Wed., Oct. 5th, also from 7-11pm.  Again, if you want the full sprint schedule and rules, just click on the link at the top of this post.

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