Microwave Activity Day (MAD) is ON — First Sat. AM of Every Month

   MAD or Microwave Activity Days are the first Saturday of every month.  It comes up quickly this week because Oct 1st is Saturday. 

   MAD days are usually from 6-8am until about noon-1pm.  Guys with gear for bands like 902/903, 1296, 2304, 3456, 5760MHz, 10 gig, 24 gig and beyond try to get on and test things, check propagation.  This is not a contest or sprint, it’s simply a monthly way to promote general microwave activity.   It is for everyone, everywhere on the uWave bands.  Talk it up in your area; don’t wait for someone else to do it. 
   2 meters is often used to help set up contacts, because let’s face it, the microwaves are awfully pointy and the odds of finding random Q’s are slim (although it can happen).  What I’ve heard is a lot of guys use 144.260 to look around and find uWavers to work.   I’m sure there are different protocols in different areas.

    NE8I plans to be on from a high spot in EN74gc, south of Cadillac, MI.  Lloyd has been sharing the MAD info with the Badger Contesters (www.badgercontesters.org) email reflector.   W9SNR plans to be on from EN62cn or cc, near Kenosha, WI.   I’m sure others will be on, too, and the weather forecast looks reasonable.

2 Responses to “Microwave Activity Day (MAD) is ON — First Sat. AM of Every Month”

  1. Joe Says:

    Nice Blog…and thanks for the updates and info. Good to keep folks interest in U/VHF ops high by generating reminders that there is life on those bands!

    Only thing that makes many of us SQUIRM is the term “Q’s” for QSO’s (or is it QSL’s, or QSX’s QRV’s etc)- or full Contacts?

    We have heard it creeping in to the Radio Amateur vernacular here and there, but it’s just so reminiscent of CB lingo-lets hope it dies a quick death! Right along with
    “Short” instead of Break, “Call” instead of calling, “That’s a rog” for yes or affirmative, and other increasingly CB-esque examples of sloppy English and poor operators increasingly heard on the Ham bands.

    Thanks again for an otherwise informative read! Keep it going.


  2. kc9bqa Says:

    Huh, I don’t notice many examples of this CB-type lingo creeping into V/UHF at all. Then again, I’m strictly on 6m and up.
    When I talk about Q’s without any further lettering, I always mean QSO’s or contacts. I hear this usage of “Q’s” from many weak-signal ops with decades of experience, and from their context, it’s always clear to me we’re talking about contacts.

    One thing that makes me squirm is ham email or comments from ops who don’t properly identify — use their callsigns. That’s why I almost didn’t approve this comment, Joe/Greg.

    Todd KC9BQA